10 Harmful Foods You Consume Everyday That Gradually Kill You

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It’s obvious there are harmful food we eat that abate our healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, it may be a situation of allergy, body system reacting negatively to some particular substances.

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In such cases, the allergen (food/drink) isn’t harmful to everyone but a certain set of people, an individual might be allergic to seafood and another will be allergic to smoked provenders. Though allergy is entirely a different thing to disease, doesn’t cause chronic pain or eventually leads to death, it only leads to a state of uneasiness & abnormal reaction of our body to things around us.

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There are scenarios that physician will ask an individual to totally abstain from some set of foods, mostly unnatural or refined ones just to help manage their health status and prevent it from getting worse. Supposedly why can’t they stay away from those things in the first place and prevent their body/organ from the imminent damage rather than maintaining it.

Here, we will be listing out 10 harmful food you should totally stay away from and if you can’t cope, limiting it will be advisable.

1.  Preserved Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is another kind of harmful food people consume everyday. Today, tomato sauce is just one of the common ways humans create problems for themselves. It is proved that there are hidden sugary substances present in the sauce, and also the chemicals used in preserving it isn’t good for our health. Tomato sauce, canned or packed in sachets, both can increase the body sugar level and lead to type 2 diabetes. It’s better to make use of raw ones.

2.   Refined Flours

Truly, grain is good for our body due to the presence of fibre and flour is a product of grain. So, is white bread also nutritious, hell no!. ordinary flour isn’t used in making

white bread. All the available fibre that gives nutrient will be extracted during the process, not that alone, it’s also mixed with some chemical to produce that sparkling white color, and this can cause damage to body organs like the thyroid.

3.   Carbonated Drinks 

Carbonated drinks are one of your deadliest foes. They can create a lot of damage, from your skin, blood sugar levels, to your hormone’s system. Forget the marketing strategies and flashy labels that say it contains nutrients or vitamins. it is just a junk that consist of sugar, food dyes and preservatives. And the sugar-free ones are also bad because they’re packed with toxic artificial sweeteners. It will be good if you can buy a juice maker and make your own juice.

4.   Sugar/ Salt / Sweetener 

There are several ways to satisfy you sweetening cravings rather than gulping this destructive particles. Also salt is good for your body but bad when it is in excess and this thing we call sweetener is a killer in disguise. Enhancing your sugar and salt level will do you no good, it will only lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other deadly diseases. Instead, honey should be an irreplaceable substitute in relishing your sweetening cravings.

5.   Vegetable Oil /Margarine

Most times vegetable oil is an integral ingredient we make use when preparing our delicacy and we don’t even think twice about its usage. Many of these oils aren’t natural, they’re genetically modified organism(GMO) and still we don’t care what long-term effects these products might cause. Many can’t even differentiate between a butter & margarine, meanwhile margarine is just a blend of vegetable oil, that spread you can’t do without. And these harmful foods contain dangerous fats that can trigger cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. You should go for healthy alternatives such as olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, etc.

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6.   Salad Dressings

Some salad dressings are full of sugar,fructose corn syrup, and colors. Once you shower your salad with this nutritional havoc, you have just created an accommodating route for unhealthy symptoms. It will be better to abscond from this salad dressings and use apple cider vinegar, or balsamic vinegar with some olive oil for a beneficial salad dressing.

7. Alcohol

Still the number one thing so far that its addiction is a huge task quell. statistically, many of those addicted to drinking alcohol know its adverse side effects and will adamantly troll series of baseless arguments with you, though it wasn’t obscure that alcohol has no health benefits. It’s extremely high in calories, causes dehydration, liver damage, weight gain, depression, and skin problems. Even the ridiculous display you put on when under the influence is enough reason to quit. So, if your wish is to damage all your organ & system; brain, liver and skin, you can continue drinking. Otherwise, avoid it.

8. Dairy

No one has to tell us the benefit of milk in the life of infants as well as toddlers, it is the first food we eat when we come into this world. perhaps, a mother’s milk is much different than a cow’s milk. As we age, our body won’t tolerate any of those things it tolerates when we’re young. Dairy products are linked with migraines, arthritis, cancer, allergies, and asthma. So again, forget about those captivating marketing artifice. Make use of coconut milk or almond milk, you will surely love the taste.

 9. Commercial Fruit Juices

We usually get tricked by the unloyal inscription on the broad flushing label, telling us it’s 100% fruit & natural. Don’t mind them, these brands we’re just specialist in convincing their customers and even prospects. It’s very rare to find a commercial fruit juice without sugar, coloring, and preservatives, it also loses its nutrients during the period of long-term preservation. There’s no better logic than finding a trusted local juice bar or making your own fruit juice at home, have some fun and explore fresh tastes.

10.  Pasta

Pasta is just a type of noodle, traditionally made from durum wheat or eggs. It can be formed into different noodle shapes and then cooked in boiling water. Recently, most products sold as pasta are made from common wheat. However, similar noodles can be made from other grains, such as rice and buckwheat. The problem here is just that many of this pasta are refined during processing, taking away the wheat kernel & removing all the available nutrients.

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