15 Legit Ways To Earn Money and Fame from Writing

I have seen people quit writing (poetry precisely) because it doesn’t pay. Of course it doesn’t. But that’s where the pace is set.

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Everyone of us wants to write. We all want to participate in competitions and win. I once read this dialogue on someone’s wall.

Most poets on Facebook have personal blogs. But only few are able to drive their audience as traffic. If it’s not literary opportunity or call for submission, they won’t click your link. It’s data economy.

My point is, we don’t all have to do the same thing. Creativity isn’t about stringing words alone. Look at the music industry. We have artists, PRs, producers, cinematographers, DJs, hypemen, show organizers, music bloggers,
dancers, record label owners, managers, instrumentalists, video directors, lyricists, marketers and so on. The beautiful part is all the professions revolve around music and they all make their name and money.

There is no other scam than being asked to think outside the box. It’s just the motivational speaker’s ways of showing off their wisdom. There are many answers within the box, you aren’t just looking well.

You don’t have to be a poet or writer that sit and read alone while waiting for calls for submission before you have your name and money. What about being an author, editor, graphic designer, book publisher, guest speaker, ghost writer, guest author on magazines, content creator, copy writer, literary consultant, critic, music, book, movie reviewer, contest curator, anthologist, digital
marketer, social media PR, literary/news blogger and many more.

Of course these things may not in the foreseeable future make you one of the richest writers/authors in the world or put you on forbes list. But then, they earn you something little but big enough to make you realise being a poet/writer is not really a waste of time.

They give you the fulfillment you want and also put something in your pocket. Below is an highlight of 15 things you can be or venture into to make cool cash and fame from writing.

1. Author:

If you have the name and audience, nothing stops you from compiling your works and putting them out for sale. You could try digital and self-publishing for a start, before going into the real business. Of course you should know one book won’t take you where you want though.

2. Editor:

Talk to publishers, make partnership deals with them. Or rather stand alone, market yourself, fish out authors and potential authors then show them the faults in their supposed flawless manuscripts. Of course they will pay you.

3. Graphic Designer:

No matter how good and helpful Canva is, you can’t have your best designs unless you go manual with Corel Draw, Photoshop and other design tools. Authors, Publishers, Spoken word artists, Literary bloggers and promoters all
need artworks for their individual projects. Show them the magic in raw art.

4. Book Publisher:

There is a point in every writer’s career that he decides to take a step forward into becoming an author. Self-publishing doesn’t always do the magic. So they need you. Do your research and set off your business. You will definitely have your own customers.

5. Guest Speaker:

Soul’e Rhymez makes his name and money from the gift he has. Dude knows things and he has the charisma to deliver them his own beautiful way. If you have the same ability, why not use it? All the brilliant articles you write can be made into speeches. Go to events, offer to talk. When they see what you have in stock, they will ask you to name your price.

6. Ghost Writer:

Well, personally, I can’t do this. Why sacrifice fame for money when you can have both? But everyone’s not like me. So if you want the money, talk to bloggers, magazine and newspaper editors. Start from somewhere.

7. Literary Consultant:

You know a lot about the literary world. You know how to market a book and its author to become bestseller. You know how to turn names to brands. You know how to transform writers from budding to established ones. Why
not show the people you have what they need? And of course there is no special place in heaven for you because you’re someone’s mentor. Charge them. You didn’t acquire the knowledge the easy way too.

8. Critic:

You may need to put a lot of time and effort to this before it starts yielding returns. Most people detest being corrected or criticized. They won’t even take it for free talkless of paying. Most writers can’t stand rebukes either because of pride or low self esteem. But there are some who do and will pay anyone ready to show them their true reflections.

9. Music, Book & Movie Reviewer:

Blogs, magazines and publishers need you. You are more or less a critic. The thin line is you are not in direct business with the artists
and authors. Book review is one of the publishing packages for publishers; it’s a nice
content for magazines and also a traffic target for bloggers.

10. Anthologist:

Make something out of trends. Look out for ideas many writers share and make a collection off it. Of course it doesn’t have to be available for free. You get the authors/writers readership and you get the pay.

11. Digital Marketer:

Do you have magazine’s editors as friends? Bloggers as Brothers? And PRs as lovers? Use them to earn yourself some cash. Offer to do promotional services for authors, artists and brands, charge them, and then use your
connection to get it done for free.

12. Social Media PR:

More like a digital marketer. You are working to promote a brand. Just that it’s a long term service. Same method and procedures apply.

13. Literary Blogger:

Start a blog or magazine for literary purposes. Drive traffic and run ad services as well as affilate marketings. Sell ebooks. Offer to do promotional services for your audience. Make some money.

14. Content Creator:

Made and established bloggers don’t sit to write articles anymore. They look for those who do and pay them. Those bloggers may need you and your works. The same articles that earn you 1,000 reactions and 400 comments on Facebook can also earn you thousands of naira. You can either be a guest writer or get signed on a long term contract. Any way it comes, make sure you get your credit alerts.

15. Freelancer:

Of course you may be a content creator and at the same time want to retain your freedom and your freelancing right. Not many platforms pay writers for this but sites like Medium, Steemit and others like them do it.

Do you have any questions on any of the highlighted points? Drop them in the comment box.

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