20 Free Ndlea Job Test General questions and answers

Following the demand for the ndlea assessment test questions and answers by some of the applicants, we have decided to compile 20 Free Ndlea Job Test General questions and answers that you may be asked during the online test.

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If you have not taken the ndlea assessment test, the general knowledge question and answer about Ndlea compiled for you below will help you through the test.

NDLEA Recruitment 2023 past Questions and Answers

1. What does NDLEA stand for?

Answer: NDLEA stands for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

2. When was NDLEA established?

Answer: NDLEA was established in 1989.

3. What is the role of NDLEA in Nigeria?

Answer: The role of NDLEA in Nigeria is to combat the production, trafficking, and abuse of illicit drugs.

4. What is the legal basis for NDLEA’s operations?

Answer: The legal basis for NDLEA’s operations is the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act, which was passed in 1989.

5. What is the organizational structure of NDLEA?

Answer: NDLEA is organized into various units, including the Intelligence Unit, the Operations and General Investigation Unit, and the Drug Demand Reduction Unit, among others.

6. Who supervises NDLEA?

Answer: NDLEA is supervised by the Ministry of Justice and operates under the guidance of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Narcotics (PACON).

7. What are the powers of NDLEA officers?

Answer: NDLEA officers have powers of arrest, investigation, and prosecution of drug offenders.

8. What are the penalties for drug offenses in Nigeria?

Answer: Penalties for drug offenses in Nigeria range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the offense.

9. How does NDLEA prevent drug abuse?

Answer: NDLEA prevents drug abuse through drug demand reduction programs, such as public education and awareness campaigns.

10. What is the relationship between NDLEA and other law enforcement agencies in Nigeria?

Answer: NDLEA collaborates with other law enforcement agencies, such as the police and customs, to combat drug trafficking and abuse.

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11. What is NDLEA’s international role?

Answer: NDLEA works with international partners, such as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), to combat drug trafficking and abuse.

12. What are the challenges facing NDLEA in Nigeria?

Answer: Challenges facing NDLEA in Nigeria include inadequate funding, lack of modern equipment and technology, and corruption.

13. How does NDLEA train its officers?

Answer: NDLEA trains its officers through various programs, including the Basic Course, the Advanced Course, and specialized training programs.

14. How does NDLEA monitor drug production and trafficking in Nigeria?

Answer: NDLEA monitors drug production and trafficking through intelligence gathering, surveillance, and in,vestigation.

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15. What are some of the drugs that NDLEA focuses on in Nigeria?

Answer: NDLEA focuses on drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.

16. What are some of the notable achievements of NDLEA in Nigeria?

Answer: Notable achievements of NDLEA in Nigeria include the seizure of large quantities of drugs, the arrest and prosecution of drug traffickers, and the prevention of drug abuse through public education campaigns.

17. How does NDLEA work with communities to prevent drug abuse?

Answer: NDLEA works with communities to prevent drug abuse through community outreach programs, such as drug awareness campaigns and rehabilitation programs.

18. What is NDLEA’s stance on the legalization of marijuana?

Answer: NDLEA opposes the legalization of marijuana, as it sees it as a dangerous drug that can lead to addiction and other negative consequences.

19. What is NDLEA’s policy on drug rehabilitation?

Answer: Overall, NDLEA’s policy on drug rehabilitation is focused on providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to addiction treatment, with the goal of helping individuals to achieve lasting recovery and improve their quality of life.

20. Who is the National Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of NDLEA?

Answer: Brig. Gen. MB Marwa

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