3 Free Plagiarism Checkers for Educational Institutions

There are many instructions and requirements that need to follow as a student or someone who plays a role in educational institutions.

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It is not wrong to say that as a student, the very first thing you need to avoid is plagiarism in your assignments, reports, and other tasks.

I still remember when I was in primary school, I was taught that stealing something is a crime and I should be charged for it.

Plagiarism is also considered as stealing someone’s words so, is it a crime and will I have charged for it?

There is a simple and short answer that yes, you’ll be surely charged for using plagiarized content.

It is pretty cleared that we need to have a proper concept of plagiarism, how can it appear in content, and how can we remove it.

What is the term “plagiarism”?

Plagiarism refers to copy something as it is from outsourcing and the internet is one of the significant sources of getting plagiarism in your content.

It is not wrong to say that many writers are writing on the same topics so, how can we keep our content unique and plagiarism-free?

Undoubtedly, it is somehow difficult to stay unique but it is not something impossible and all you can do is, follow some steps to make your content unique.

But the very first thing is how can we check the plagiarized text in the content. We can use plagiarism checkers for doing this job.

Top 3 best plagiarism checkers

Internet is not limited to any 5 or 6 tools but it contains hundreds of tools and it is not wrong to say that every tool is not meant to use.

For doing any task, there are two possibilities; one is meant to follow and the other is meant to ignore.

Why we need to avoid them is a lengthy and hectic topic so, we have gathered the information of the top three best and efficient plagiarism checkers.



Prepostseo contains an efficient plagiarism checker and the developers of these tools assure accuracy and quick result generation.

It can be a good option to get the complete report in which sources are also mentioned from where the text is copied.

When we use this tool, we can easily get a complete report with the authentic generation of sources and it can be really helpful.

A writer, blogger, student, teacher, and webmaster can use this tool to check plagiarism in their documents.

The reason for mentioning these professions is, they need to use tools like plagiarism checkers but anyone can use this tool.

Features of this tool

  • Have a chrome extension
  • Safety is prioritized
  • Complete report generation
  • Report with all of the sources
  • Having a paraphrasing tool
  • By clicking on the “make it unique” button, paraphraser can make your content unique


If your preference is to get a simple tool that has an easy interface then you can go for this tool otherwise, there are many more options.

The very first thing you need to focus on is the user interface of a tool because if a tool has a simple interface, it can be really attractive for many people.

Some newbies find it difficult to use complex tools and they surely avoid a tool containing complex interfaces.

The reason why this tool is famous among students and writers is its user-friendly interface but it is not limited to it only.

A free version of this tool is available but still, you need to get yourself registered if you want to enjoy this tool.

Features of this tool

  • User-friendly interface
  • Two-way plagiarism checking
  • 50 scans allowed
  • Registration is optional
  • One search per day is allowed for non-registered users


Copyleaks is also one of the reliable tools for checking plagiarism and the good thing is, this tool is used in over 140 countries.

Using in 140 countries ensures the credibility and accuracy of this tool so, it can be a suitable and useful choice.

And this tool not only supports multiple file-formats but also supports multiple languages which are enough to impress a user.

But one thing that cannot be liked by many users is, you need to signup first for using this tool and that can be a time-consuming task.

Features of this tool

  • Suitable for business documents
  • Students can use this tool
  • Accuracy and authenticity
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Supports multiple file formats


Plagiarism is strictly prohibited either you are a writer or a student and for removing plagiarism, you need to check the plagiarized content at first.

And checking plagiarism cannot be done without using a tool and this tool is termed a plagiarism checker.

We have shared the details of the top 5 best plagiarism checkers so, you can have a look at them.

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