3 Tricks To Make Huge Sales on Twitter Without Running Ads

You may want to dispute this, but 6 out of every 10 persons abandon Twitter after opening their first account. Why? This is because Twitter has its own way of operation which is not as simple and straightforward as Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Trust me, you can spend 10 years on Twitter without having up to 100 followers. It’s possible. Twitter algorithm gives more preference to engagement than connections. On Facebook, if you have a higher number of friends then more people will get to see your posts as long as you post regularly.

But on Twitter, your activity as regard engagement over a long period of time determines if you will become an influencer or not. Nevertheless, the fact remains it’s difficult to get followers or make sales on Twitter. This is where the 3 tricks in this article come in place.

By following these three tricks religiously and staying consistent with them overtime, you will begin to see good results in due time.

3 Tricks To Make Huge Sales on Twitter Without Running Ads

1. Stay close to the trend table. 

If you open your Twitter app, you will see a trend table at the right hand side. With this feature, you will be able to see the trending keywords in each country and even worldwide. Now here is the trick.

What most people do is jump on trends that has no relativity to their product or tweet. This is wrong and can lead to your account being suspended. Study the trend table according to your target country (you can easily set this), pick a keyword from the trends, think of a short tweet or picture that relates to that particular keyword and drop the tweet. Make sure that as short as the tweet is, it is meaningful and catchy.

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Now right under that tweet, add a thread (a new tweet) and write a short copy with a picture of your products, asking people to DM you then tweet it. Make sure your DM is open. If your tweet is catchy enough and you’re lucky that the Twitter algorithm picks it, then your product will appear everywhere the tweet does. Once people click to read your threads, they see your product and that increases your impressions.

2. Follow influencers and turn on their tweet notification.

You have to be smart here. When following an influecer, make sure they are someone close to your niche. For instance, you can’t be selling skin care products and choose a Lawyer (e. g Segalink) as your influencer. Rather, choose a female influencer that picks interest in your niche and has followers who need your products.

Turning on their tweet notification will let you know once they drop new tweets. Now most of these influencers ask their followers to advertise their products on a thread once in a while. This is where you jump in. Once you see such tweet, jump under it with a particular product and a short copy, of course asking people to DM.  

This doesn’t happen every time though. Most of these people would rather asked you pay for them to advertise for you than allow you advertise for free. So here is what you do. With their tweet notification turned on, you will be be able to see all their tweets and retweets. Once you spot a certain tweet that picks your attention, jump under it as fast as you can and drop your product.  

For instance let’s say she drops a fine picture or video showing a fine and clear skin, and you sell skin care products, thats your catch. If she drops a picture with a new dress, and you sell female wears, then that’s your catch. Now don’t do this often, if you do and they notice you, you may earn yourself a block.

PS: influencers are people with huge followers and engagement.

3. Ask for retweets.

This is the simplest and the most difficult to achieve. But if you come across people who decide to help, you are game. Tweet a product and Pin it. Meaning that you make it a sticky tweet on your profile, that will make it the first tweet people see on your profile.  

Then DM people of like minds, mostly people with better engagement than you (not necessarily influencers now), and plead with them to kindly retweet your pinned tweet. Not everyone you DM (message) will reply though but if you can get quite a good number of people, it’s a jackpot for you.

Selling on Twitter is possible but takes extra work and commitment. Now the catch is, once you establish a stable connection and influence as a marketer, then it’s a longterm wealth – creating platform for you. Once again, you have to be deliberate and careful as not to get your posts flagged as spams.

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