25 Prominent Magazines And Journals You Could Reach Out To In 2019

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It’s beyond doubt and generally accepted that one of the significant ways to build yourself as a brand and give your art the recognition it deserves across the nook and cranny of the literary hemisphere is to get published on local and international magazines and journals.

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Far beyond the social media audience that earns you no notable reputation when it comes to serious literary game, magazine/journal publication gives you desired readership and register your name where it’s expected to be.

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Therefore, if you are not just a ‘roadside’ writer, meaning if you indeed seek an accomplishment with writing, then you need to go through this list ACEworld Magazine’s team has prepared.

Note that most of these magazines and journals are those you probably don’t know about because you’re not informed. You just see your friends share the links of their published works on their social media pages and you keep wondering how they go about it. People are that miserly when it comes to sharing opportunities and information.

Below are the 25 prominent magazines and journals you could reach out to in 2019:

1. Entropy Magazine:
Entropy is a website featuring literary and related non-literary content. They like to think of themselves as more than just a magazine or a website, but also as a community space. They seek to create a space where writers can engage with other writers, can participate in a literary community, where thinkers can collaborate and share both literary and non-literary ideas, and where writers can feel safe and included.

They also seek to provide a diverse platform for content and interests, including topics such as small press literature, video games, graphic novels, interactive literature, science fiction, fantasy, music, film, art, poetry, and other topics in addition to literary reviews, interviews, conversations, essays, and articles on experimental literature, translation, small press practices, and performance. 
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2. Barren Magazine:

Barren Magazine is a literary publication that features fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and photography for hard truths, long stares, and gritty lenses. They revel in the shadow-spaces that make up the human condition, and aim to find antitheses to that which defines us: light in darkness; beauty in ugliness; peace in disarray. They invite you to explore it with them.

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3, Pallette Poetry:

Palette Poetry endeavors to uplift and engage emerging and established poets in their larger community. The world is eager for poets. In 2016, more people spent their hard earned money on poetry books than any other year on record. When times are dark, the world always turns to poets for empathy, for answers, for words, bucking and new.

Palette Poetry is there to paint our small part of the world with truth through poetry, as hopeful and eviscerating as truth can be.

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4. Sandy River Review:
The Sandy River Review is a literary journal consisting of two parts: an annual print issue and The River, a regularly updating stream of online content. The Sandy River Review is printed once every Spring. Their print issue is edited by creative writing undergraduates at The University of Maine Farmington and overseen by the poetry press Alice James Books. The River is our constantly updating online content, and is also run by student editors in regular conversation with the print editors. The website is overseen by faculty sponsor Shana Youngdahl.

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5. Strange Horizons:
Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. They publish fiction, poetry, reviews, essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, and art.

Their definition of speculative fiction includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, slipstream, and all other flavors of fantastika. Work published in Strange Horizons has been shortlisted for or won Hugo, Nebula, Rhysling, Theodore Sturgeon, James Tiptree Jr., and World Fantasy Awards.

They want to showcase work that challenges us and delights us, by new and established writers from diverse backgrounds and with diverse concerns.

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6. Poetry Foundation:

The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry magazine, is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience.

The Poetry Foundation works to raise poetry to a more visible and influential position in our culture. The Foundation seeks to be a leader in shaping a receptive climate for poetry by developing new audiences, creating new avenues for delivery, and encouraging new kinds of poetry.

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7. Pen and Anvil:

Pen & Anvil is a not-for-profit literary publishing operation based in Boston. They were founded as a project of their parent company, the Boston Poetry Union, in order to facilitate publishing opportunities for members of the Union, and to support the publishing projects of those members.

Over time, Press staff and volunteers came to have a hand in the editorial, production or business affairs of more than two dozen literary magazines, some of which are wholly owned by the Union, and some of which we produce in cooperation with external organizations. Pen & Anvil now publishes books, journals, chapbooks, posters, and broadsides. A growing list of their publications and imprints can be found at our catalogue page.

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8. The Rising Phoenix Review:

The Rising Phoenix Review is a monthly online zine dedicated to publishing poetry focused on the working class and other marginalized groups. They believe in the transformative power of poetry, and their mission is to publish writing that actively engages the social issues of our time.

The Rising Phoenix Review was founded as a method to track the progression of modern social issues in real time. The Review was created by Rising Phoenix Press, an independent publisher located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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9 The Temz Review:

The /tƐmz/ Review is a literary journal based in London, Ontario that publishes fiction, poetry, and reviews. They publish 4 issues per year (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter), and they focus on publishing work from a diverse range of emerging and established voices. Their goal is to reflect a wide variety of editorial perspectives and publish an eclectic mix of writing.

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10. The Rush Magazine:

The Rush is a literary magazine edited by the graduate students at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. They’re looking for high-energy pieces that reflect the rush of life. They’re delighted to be able to pay writers.

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11. Kissing Dynamite Poetry:

Twelve poems each month–Kissing Dynamite curates compact issues that honor the thematic threads presented by contributing poets. Their goal is to present multiple facets of a theme/topic/issue to break the narrative of “the single story.”

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12. Neologism Poetry:

The Journal was founded in search of new horizons of poetic language, or at minimum ways to feel something new from old words and poetic forms. Neologism nominates for the Best of the Net Anthology and the Pushcart Prize. Neologism is edited by Christopher Fields.

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13. Nanty Green:
Nantygreens started publishing works of several writers in 2011. Their aim is to discover new and emerging Nigerian writers and introduce them to the community of readers and writers.

So far you are telling a good story, discussing literature, arts and culture, they want to hear/read it and share with the community of readers and writers. They aim to share the best content from the slush pile of submissions they receive.

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14. Ghost City Press:

Ghost City Press (est. 2013) is based in Syracuse, NY. Their goal is to provide a platform for the exhibition of work by new and emerging writers and artists in the online literary community. They publish writers who understand the complexities of the world we live in and who reflect this in their work. With the publication of Ghost City Review, their catalog of full-length collections, chapbooks and our annual Summer Micro-Chapbook Series, they hope to bring everyone in the online community closer together to celebrate the persistence of art in a time when it is needed most.

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15. Algebrao Fowls:

Established in June 2016, Algebra Of Owls is a “no frills” online poetry e-zine with a simple mission; to publish engaging, accessible poetry from around the world on a regular basis (about 15 poems each month).

They also produce occasional printed anthologies featuring selected poems from the website, which are distributed free at Yorkshire poetry events, or by post for a nominal charge to cover costs.

Every two months they have a public vote for a Readers’ Choice poem, and its author receives a coveted Algebra of Owls Prize Mug. They also invite a Yorkshire poet or publisher to select an Editor’s Choice poem.

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16. Feminine Collective:

Feminine Collective was created by Julie Anderson on August 13, 2013. Prior to Feminine Collective, Julie Anderson enjoyed a two-decade long career as a supermodel—where she has been the face of influential luxury brands and a cover girl on international editions of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to producing Feminine Collective, Julie continues to act, model and write for other publications/media.

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17. Rhythmn Bone:

Rhythm & Bones Press is a small independent press and literary magazine that is dedicated to dynamic and inspiring authors, whose work deserves to be shared and acknowledged. They specialize in Authors who write with personal emotion and those with trauma to portray to the world.

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18. Agbowo:

Agbowó is an afrocentric literary and arts community. At Agbowó, they collect great literary and visual African art, listen to new voices and embrace innovative artistic expression. They are creating a platform where the works of African writers and artists come alive and readers find the most intriguing work.

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19: Ngige Review:

Ngiga is a writers collective open to works from around the globe focused on netting different perspectives of our convergent lives. They are open to new forms of story telling, artistic explorations, poetic expressions and poignant essays and reviews that meet the need of changing time.

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20. Mud Season Review:

Mud Season Review features one single poem or flash fiction piece that caught the attention of the editorial team, apart from the signature poetry portfolio or fiction piece in our bi-monthly issues. They hear from the author about the inspiration for his or her work, and they hear from a co-editor about why the poem or flash fiction story stood out.

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21. The Indian Polis Review:

The Indianapolis Review is a quarterly publication featuring poetry and art. Thet work to promote artists and writers from their region, but they also showcase work from around the country and the world. They don’t limit themselves to one particular school or style of poetry; they simply want poetry that moves, surprises, sings and makes us think. They do heartily believe that art and poetry have the power to change and save the lives of readers and writers alike. The Indianapolis Review is a madwoman, awake at 3am, obsessively reading and writing poems. Come join her, if you dare.

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22, Up the Staircase:

Established in 2008, Up the Staircase Quarterly is an online journal of poetry, art, interviews, and reviews. New issues are published every February, May, August, and November, unless otherwise stated. UtSQ nominates for the Pushcart, Best of the Net, and Best New Poets.

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23. Narrative Magazine:

Since 2003 Narrative has been at the forefront of a new kind of library—a global meeting place, if you will, where readers and writers meet. They publish work of the highest literary caliber, offer opportunities for both established and emerging writers, host contests in search of a new generation of talent, provide reading and writing mentorship to underserved schools around the globe, and every day, all year we offer our expansive library of thousands of stories, poems, essays, cartoons, and more to readers everywhere for free.

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24. Qmarker:

This magazine was started because they want to tell Nigeria’s most important stories. Let it not be said that our voices were not heard.

In documenting the present in clear language, they seek to ask the important questions and investigate the diverse variables of the human condition. Ther goal is to publish ruminative, nuanced stories that informs and delights and moves the reader.

The magazine is published once every month online, but stories appear on the website on a rolling basis.

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25. Keny on Review:

Building on a tradition of excellence dating back to 1939, the Kenyon Review has evolved from a distinguished literary magazine to a pre-eminent arts organization. Today, KR is devoted to nurturing, publishing, and celebrating the best in contemporary writing. They’re expanding the community of diverse readers and writers, across the globe, at every stage of their lives.

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