Advertise with ACEworld Publishers

If there is anywhere to put your products, it will be right in front of your market. Not just anywhere in the market actually, but right where everyone can easily see them.


This is what we offer you at ACEworld Publishers. With the right team who’s had more than 7 years experience in digital marketing, be rest assured you are where you need to be.

How we Advertise You

We advertise your products, brands, projects and businesses using the available tools below

Sponsored Post

We write you a sponsored copy that details your product, brand, service and project. We include your contact details with easy means (buttons) with which potential customers/interested prospects can contact you.

The best part is, even after your ad expires, we will not delete your sponsored post. It will forever be available on our website and always be accessible.

Fixed 728 x 90 Banner

Whichever ad package you pick, you are entitled to a custom sticky anchor ad (728 x 90) which will be designed by us for your advert.

This anchor banner will be fixed at the footer and will be shown on every page on our site. In short, your ad will be displayed to each and every person that visits our site while your ad is active.

Rich impression plays a vital role in advertising and we have got you covered here.

In-line Text Ads

As much as we really want to advertise you, user experience is also our priority. This is why we use text ads to supplement your graphics.

We however insert these text ads in strategic positions that make them easily spotted and read by users which in turn increase conversion.

The text ads include a link that takes users directly to your sponsored post or landing page. This particular ad type has been one of the most invaluable over time.

Organic Social Campaign

We do not leave your advert at the Sponsored post and Sticky Ad widget alone, we take it directly to our subscribed users across our platforms.

On WhatsApp alone, we have more than 20 groups for subscribed users and status view up to 1,000 daily on average. 

For a weekly ad, we run the organic campaign 4 different times (in a week), and 12 times in a month. You can be rest assured you will get value for your money.

Aside sending broadcasts on WhatsApp, we will also host across our social media handles and send to our e-mail list.

Organic Telegram Campaign

In complement to our organic social campaign,  we will also send a broadcast to our Telegram group and channel just as shown in the next image. 

We are experienced advertisers and are ready to use our expertise in advertising you. It’s our joy to see you prosper and this is exactly what we are going to help you achieve.

Choose your advertising plan

Pick from the list below the package that best interpret your budget. However we are always ready to work things out with you in order to suit your brand offer.



Per week



Per month



Per month

Recommendation: Ads that run for a longer number of days give the best result.

About 25% Click Throughs

Of every 1,000 views on our site, there are about 250 clicks to apply for scholarships, jobs, submit to contests etc.

about 15 active countries

Most of our traffic and active readers come from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ghana, India etc.

over 300k pageviews

Our monthly page views according to Google Analytics is over 300,000 on average.

45k social subscribers

45,000+ active subscribers on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, E-mail, with feeds on Opera News, Google News, Phoenix Browser, Google etc

Frequently asked questions

No. Depends on the package you pick.

 You have gone through our pages and blog to see the kind of articles we publish. Our audience are more interested in self-development, career-upgrade, CV-upgrade plans, with career guides and educational posts.

We publish & market books, design websites and blogs, issue ISBN for authors, provide consultancy services for brands, authors and we have a bookstore. Use the quick links below:

Not presently.

To know in details what we are and what we stand for, read About Us.


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