Amina: What Intellects Are Saying About the Love Collection By Maazi and Victoria

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Few hours ago, the Facebook atmosphere experienced a drastic turn of events when the news of Amina, a collection of poems set for release by Maazi Jachi Anyatonwu and Victoria B Willie broke out.

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Apparently, it’s difficult seeing this amazing cover designed by Maazi Jachi Anyatonwu himself and not take a pause. I shared the cover on WhatsApp and since then, I’ve received a lot of good reviews. Maazi has been one of ACEworld Publisher’s amazing graphics guru so it’s no doubt he’s best at what he does.

However, here is what intellects are saying about the book;

Tobi Salami wrote;

I’ll be truthful.

A combination of two of the most positively rated writers I know around here? Nah Nah Nah…

This is going to be a wonderful experience. While we await the release of the book, let’s do a little hyping…

It’s hard for me to choose but who do you think does the penning in a way that feels like you’ve been stabbed in the throat (with a pen, of course…)?

Maazi Jachi Anyantonwu announcing the news of the collection himself wrote;

when i’m wet as a humid soil
do to me what a farmer would do


(‘of depth, admiration, worship, warmth’ by Victoria B. Willie)

I’ll borrow Victoria’s words: “We defy restrictions set by society and religion and delve deeper in this expression (love) by describing how sweet it feels when our bodies meet and how sweeter it becomes when we commit our love unto the hands of Allah in prayer.”

Anticipate Amina, a collection of poems by Victoria and I.

John Chizoba Vincent, the one and only videographer cum poet stated his view;

A special poetry collections from Jaachi and Victoria. I can’t wait to read this. You can’t wait to read this We can’t wait to read.

Jaachi is a damn ass designer.

Victoria B Willie also noted;

If love can be found on the body of a man,
Let me die searching for love on your body
While you spend the rest of your life
Making sweet love to my body

This and more will be found in the collection of poems I am co-authoring with a very great bard, Maazi Jaachi Anyatonwu . The book is entitled Amina. In this book, I am a Northern maiden who falls in love with a fellow Muslim, Ali. Together, we make use of words in two languages — English and Hausa — to express our undeniable feelings for each other. We defy restrictions set by society and religion and delve deeper in this expression by describing how sweet it feels when our bodies meet and how sweeter it becomes when we commit our love unto the hands of Allah in prayer.

There’s even a part we went for honeymoon in Mecca… ☺

I can bet you’ll be lifting some of the lines of Amina and Ali to make your lover blush all fifty shades.

It’s coming soon.

And guess what…

It’s the first book I’ll be authoring.

Finally Julius Olatunde Ige, amongst others wrote;

Don’t always believe them when they say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Seeing this wants to make me write a book. The design is top notch!
This is coming from Jaachi and Victoria Victoria B. WillieVictoria B. Willie and I bet it’d be as beautiful as anything you can imagine.

While we keep our fingers crossed, waiting for the big break, Amina to fall on us- of course it’s almost 14th- Future Newspaper is currently accepting submissions, paying $1.50 per word. Bakwa 10th Family Issue is out as well, they pay $25 per piece with no entry fee.

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  1. It’s a piece we are all waiting expectantly for, Maazi Jachi Anyantonwu has once again created a stampede in the world of art and poetry….

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