BBNaija is evil, stop the patronage – CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has urged political office holders and other stakeholders to discourage immoral activities.

In a statement credited to them, they advised the authority to promote justice and moral programmes and activities that are aimed at pleasing God Almighty and humanity.

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Chairman of CAN in Rivers State, Stanley Dimkpa made the call to scrap BBNAIJA while lauding 3 Local government Chairmen that best managed the COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

He said;

As Christians this, this ceremony is aimed at promoting diligence and reinvigorating a positive lifestyle and collectively making our state better.

“A state where tribe, creed, political party and church do not matter in the scheme of things but a state where equity, equality, qualification, truth and hard work are necessary criteria and conditions for justice.

“Promotion and appointment in all fields of life where reward and good morals will encourage everyone to abhor evil and do what is right. Romans 12:9.

“All these are needed to replace what we have in our world today where societal ills, crimes and immoral behaviours are geometrically increasing due to bad governance, poverty and reward for wrong doing, such as Big Brother Naija.

“I want to emphasize Big Brother Naija because all of us have to fight collectively to stop this immoral act and injustice in our land, as Christians and Africans, we have respect for mankind.

“For those of us that have allowed our friends and families to encourage the patronage of Big Brother Naija, know that it is an evil and we must clampdown on it,”

In similar news, a self-acclaimed man of God and Facebook user also wrote about the evil attempts the organizers of BBnaija have in mind before starting the show. He wrote;


Friends, this came to me as a burden, hence, I write to Warn and to Advise.

Dear Lovers/Fans of Big Brother Naija,

Have you ever wondered why the television reality show “B.B Naija” takes on some certain sign-posts, to operate and to communicate in a way it does?

Have you considered taking a critical look at, what they say or do, how they operate, how they act or behave in the house generally?

If you pay attention to The Mood (A Prevalent Atmosphere or Feeling), The Attitude (Character wise; the state of the mind or orientation of its victims in the name of participants), The Sign Elements (The visible objects bearing clear messages, e.g Pictures and Symbols), and of course the Very Concept of B.B Naija itself; the whole idea about the show, you will be compel to ask yourself certain questions. Such as, why am I even watching or participating in the reality show ‘BBNaija?

How has is it influenced you, is it in the right way or in the wrong, ?

What are the economic, moral, academic, and social benefits to us a people and as a nation?

“What values has watching or participating ‘BBNaija’ added to our homes and families?

Let us be very objective here, why do you stress yourself over what is not worth it?

I know you are beginning to see what I have seen; you also, will agree with me that, we need to take a stand against the deception of satan.

“In John 8:32 the bible tells us that, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”. Now you are hearing the truth, it shall set you free in Jesus name. Just keep reading…………………

Look at these elements bellow;

The Symbol for the reality show is an ‘EYE’, what does that tell you, “The eye of the owl, it is an evil birth which is always used as a symbol by secret societies.” The lie is that it is all seeing.

The Participants are always locked up or confined in a place they call a house, without the freedom of going out of it except those banished or evicted from the house. “That is Imprisonment, it is the hand work of the devil. It is a sign of slavery.(Spiritual Bondage).

The Participants whether married or single, don’t have regard for their bodies. “They are promoting whoredom and Sodomy,” this act is synonymous with the worship of idols; it is satanic.” The bible says our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit; as such it must be kept Holy at all times.

“This their big brother, can’t he be seen? Why is he always using words like, ‘big brother is seeing you’ he claims he is all seeing, that is the habit of an owl. Should you not be worried, that you have never seen the fellow who claims he is always seeing you, is he a spirit? Then, he must be an evil spirit. “He is claims an all seeing and an invisible nature” that again, is a lie. “The devil is a liar and the father of it. He lies from his own resources”. That is what the bible says in John 8:44.

He always lord over you, he makes decisions for you which are to your disadvantage and you cannot oppose him nor fight back. “That is Oppression” it is still bondage and captivity.

The overwhelming elements above and many more others, points to the fact that this B.B Naija of a thing you always fall head over heels to watch is satanic, misleading and unpopular. It is a bait; it is a set up to allure you into your own destruction and eternal damnation.

“Anything that is competing with the plan and purpose of God for your life is a disaster in a waiting and it is certainly a recipe for destruction.

“Run for your life while you still can. Be careful what you watch and patronize on TV. The devil is out to deceive and lure many to hell.

“The next time you want to watch a reality show or participate in one, please pay attention to the signs and languages, in and around that show or program before you do.

Be Advised
Be Warned
Be Wise
Don’t be Deceived,
Don’t fall a Victim.

God bless and keep you from all the evil of the last days in Jesus name.

Remember, Heaven is Real and Hell is real.

THE DECEPTION OF SATAN; BIG BROTHER NAIJA.Friends, this came to me as a burden, hence, I write to Warn and to…

Posted by Robertz Victor on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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However, a larger percent of Nigerians still believe BBNaija is merely a reality show with nothing attached.

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