Between The Umbrella And The Broom- A Parable

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By Kolawole Emmanuel 

Many years of strive and drought, starvation yields its fruit for us. Tussle between the duo and indelible incompetency mark the order of political business. The same crooked path threaded since days of historical shiftings, limits with inept plan. The first Nigeria, a former place where nationality is alongside certainty was built on the sky, faraway from the land. Behold it .Our hope had been dashed to kick off the journey back to the very start. Progenitors weep in their grave endlessly. I hear the screams and know how decried they were, the red eyes, laced within threnody. Nigeria political leadership harbours scenario.
Between the broom and umbrella. The insignia – umbrella means a shield. So, it is imperative to say corruption is entrenched and solidified. Looters seat confidently and flaunt policies under the shield of Umbrella for 16years. Power and jurisdiction loomed under the Umbrella shield for years, PDP was just a mentally retarded coliation then. Censurably, Nigerians inveighed PDP for there mishappenings. I think it’s laudable for them to receive the excellent bad disturbing comments from Nigerians. After sixteen years of reign, inhabitants been acclimated and betrothed to penury, while the devil frown, wink and hiss for the ailing happenings of our dear country under their auspices, PDP troops wanting to march into the corridor of power. Back then in 1999 when Nigerians were anxious for democracy to resolute past mishap monument erected by the military.
A fool at 16 is a fool forever they say, development starts with a step. Yes, PDP left our nation in ruin, 16years is enough for a country with sane political leadership to reach an encouraging height of development. Soldiers are ranked by their prowess, many years of war Nigeria had never returned victoriously under the watch of past ruling party.And that’s till date. The conquest keep dangling in pendulum. When it would end no one knows.
Nigeria never tastes the chicanery of the Broom. Citizens could see how broom-carriers sweeps lukewarms and perverted souls into their polity. In disguise they came, with Mohammadu Buhari panting for presidency like thirsty deer reckless in search of water. 2015 general election was just synonymous to the tale of an ancient magician whose spell enthralled all even to the outskirt and invisible part of every clime, this tale depicts how APC and Mohammad Buhari became the mantra sealed over the tongue of ageds, adults and youths. All wise, everyone zealously anticipated the emergence of a Change. Different propaganda and campaigns to counteract against corruption add more syrupy to the watery pap agenda of the present ruling party.
Therein, we are under the aegis of the broom, within APC 3years of paddling the canoe many loathful renegation and reincarnation of depraved politicians takes to heel, get protected under the All Progressive Congress inclusiveness. Politicians pitch their tents with the change. They lay their hands on pillars, thereafter, uproots the faithful planned policy of fighting looters and pilferers. Translucent as it seems, the campaign about free education and standardize health sector had been thrown into extinction. This is what our stalwart to APC culminated to.
Education is the bedrock of knowledge and wholesome experience to proffer soluble headway to every nation. A nation where indigents weep daily over unmentionable extortion in institutions, when political leadership echelons cannot vouch and send their wards to study in the country they govern.We must know that the foundation and future had collapsed without remedial.Only a readiness, can get us a mirror.
The policy adopted by Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, the Executive Governor of Oyo state on education tears my heart apart. Secondary school students paying enrollment tax fee. Tertiary institution locked down for several months without any aid to salvage their dying establishments. Unsettled backlogs of staffs lingered among others. Coincidentally, or it may be the planned work of the aegis of Change. Rauf Aregbesola of Osun state picked up the baton, started the race with his fellow, Ajumobi. Half salary payment persist after many disbursement of bailouts fund from the Federal government.
“I could see Nigerians arguing over the useless and aimless. Much flaws flows from the camp of both certified swindlers (PDP & APC) who buy our interest with deception and sell us out meager to thraldom under the coverage of impunity”.
By definition ‘democracy is a term to be the government of the people, by the people and for the people’. Then we have to question the past and present authorities how the tunnel of their administrations water the thirsty and dying soul of citizens.
My wandering heart would envisage the future of Nigeria. Will it boom enthusiasm or resentment?. What interests me most is how they use their unite voice to fight oppression. When will Nigerians join hands together to quest for emancipation?
In democracy, citizens are potent, hired and fire ill of government. There is a forlorn hope for us and it lies in the hand of competent and ideal minds.
An Umbrella is dead.A broom cannot wash off the rains.
Kolawole Emmanuel is a writer.

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