Book Review: Commentary on Lost boys by Wakchin Nengak

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It has been fascinating right from the book’s title to the very end of the poetry collection; that didn’t shy away from showing the loss, struggles and pains of boyhood and of how it’s human and permissible to sob.Contrary to popular opinions that “men don’t cry”
Bamibola has made a touching portrayal of the pains of boyhood.Like in “TOUSLED SOUL”, he charges boys to cry when needs be “without stanching” and hands will reach out to help -“for men cry too.”
Again, he talks about the vulnerability of boys due to bad parenting which is expected to be light to naive boys on life’s journey.But, sires are mostly “sots” and don’t  show good example.Hence,he advises boys to rouse from their deep sleep and do that which is right.
Later in “GRAY LOVE”, He ridicules religious prudes who feign and act like they are infallible and with chaste minds.He goes further in “THEIR IS A MADNESS” and “IN HIS EYES” to show the  religious extremism in our society where children with pristine minds are being indoctrinated into violent religious acts and even threatened to be killed for not accepting them.
And to show how humane he is(we all are), he talks about his hearty desires and lust for a damsel that makes his heart “flustered at the sight” in “LUST” and other poems like “BEHOLDERS OUTPOUR”, and “PRICELESS RUBY”.
He didn’t only talked about loss, pain,lust,bigotry, and waywardness.But advises young boys to strive and fulfill their dreams as in;
               “Purpose lifts you
               And makes you soar like eagle
               When other birds fly”
In addition, “FECUND MIND” admonishes young minds to read by personifying books as a lover that one needs to “caress, smooch and romance”… If you desire to go places or make a mark in life.Just like the saying goes; ” readers are leaders”.
Finally, I must admit that “LOST BOYS” is an intriguing, mind blowing, and fascinating collection of poems that gets your mind feeling famished and can’t help but to gulp more lumps of words.
Wakchin Nengak Godwin
Wakchin Nengak Godwin, is a writer and poet from Plateau State,Nigeria.Some of his works have appeared on Words Rhymes and Rhythm,The Youth shades e-magazine,Philippeace,Speakingheart, and several online platforms.He tweets @wakchinnengak and instagram @wakchinnengak.

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