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You have passion for poetry; you always love to make things appear the way they won’t ordinary do.
You have the gift of making up stories from your mere imaginations and you are the type that have hyperbolic expressions embedded in your skull.
No one disputes that fact with you but here is something i wish to let you know. Something that can make you stand out aloft your peers and something that might help you on the course of branding yourself.
Let me make a reference. Recently, I participated in a duel which was reffed by one of my seniors in this literary world. When i received the theme ‘Dream’, I realized i had written on it earlier; that which i even made the poem a portrait on my Facebook profile picture. So i tried to experiment if possibly i can become a master even at what I am not. “A jack of no style: a master of all”
I wrote the poem in a pattern I’m never used to thinking i would succeed but it was the other way round_a big defeat.
The point here is: 60% of the voters thought the opponent’s poem was mine. Even when i read it myself, i saw myself in it and if possibly i could vote, the poem would have won that.
I received a call while the competition was on by a father ‘Phunsho Oris’. He asked which of the poems was mine and he couldn’t believe my response. He asked why i made things that way and I said;
“I want to know what people know, read and want from me”.
There is something everyone knows, reads and wants from you. There is a style you began with and there is a method of writing you are perfect at.
Your range of audience extends beyond the usual ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ you receive. I have always received messages like;
“Micheal Ace, i love your poems and I do constantly read them. Just that I’m not used to finding time to like or drop my views”
When I see ‘Ubosic Buari’, I know I’m about to read ‘Love’. When I see ‘Ayoola Goodyness’, I take a break from whatever I’m doing because I know I’m about to hear the voice of the gods.
When I see ‘Oki Kehinde Julius’, I know he has come again to speak on societal issues and when i see ‘Isaac Archibongpoet’ and ‘Aremu Adams Adebisi’, I’m sure that more than anything, I will know about some new words that has been hiding in my dictionary.
In order to brand yourself, let’s know you for something. ‘Kukogbo Iruesiri Samson’ is a page poet, ‘Graciano Enwerem’ is a spoken word artist. I know you would have been wondering how they succeed this much. It’s just because they know what their Nigerians want.
Let us recognize you for something. Become a boss at what you do and brand yourself to a point where people will be able to recommend you for what you do. For what you know.
Brand Yourself
By Micheal Ace


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