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It may be recalled that the NPower scheme was implemented by President Buhari because of the high level of unemployment in Nigeria.


The scheme, called Npower, provides Nigerian youth with real-time financial support as they look forward to their major careers or other opportunities.

Generally, people do not plan on what to do with the monthly payment, and we can see this in the previous batches. To record a successful program organized by NPower Scheme, you need a business plan.

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Here are some businesses you can set up with thirty (30) thousand Npower monthly stipends;

1. Establishment of POS (Point of Sale) business; The POS machine has helped to reduce the frustrating queues at banks, as queues can be a deterrent.

Two or three months stipends from the NPower program can help you buy a POS machine. Another challenge is to get a business center, usually, you can start the business in front of your house or match with other store owners.

2. Agribusiness; Of course, agriculture is a lucrative business that falls into different categories. Agribusiness involves the production and sale of meat and eggs under the care of animals (poultry), as well as the sale of crops for cultivation and breeding.

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3. Poultry business; You will start with a small poultry structure and capacity with a three months stipend (N 30,000 x 3 = N 90,000). Depending on the hatchery and season, a box of day-old chickens (DOC) broilers, which contain about fifty (50) day-old chickens, is available from N18,000 to N22,000.

To reduce costs, you can start building cages instead of poultry structures in prime time. Suppose that N20,000 should be enough to make a cage that can seat 50 birds.

The rest of the money was spent on feeding and caring for the birds, such as vaccinating and treating the birds.

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