Chronicles Of Tonio Lawrex | Episode 7

Episode 7 – (ABORT THE BABY?)


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I couldn’t hide the surprise and shock anymore, it was written all over my face. She noticed it and said it wasn’t even the main problem. She said that after their breakup she realised yet another bigger problem.

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“What problem is bigger than all this which you`ve said so far.” I asked with a very ugly grimace.


“Wiiiiii…wi.we`ve dated close to two years now. So don’t mind the fact that I told you d.the whole thing in a split of so.some mi.minutes. These were problems which came up at intervals, within two years. Buh..but the bigger problem I am tol.talking aba.aba..about is…”


“Even if it came at intervals they were still horrible” as if I heard what she said last, I asked: “What bigger problem are you talking about and how am I involved?”

She opened her mouth to say something before Pamela came in with a plate of food. Oge`s face and Pamela`s met and they exchanged a feeble `hy`, barely waving their hands to each other.


I saw the glory of the food and was forced to say: “Wow, thank you Pamela, you are a darling”. I made a space for her to drop the food, and then like an afterthought, I said with my head facing Pamela and my hands towards Oge: “Lest I forget, Pamela meet Oge my skinny pretty chum and confidant”, then I swayed my hands over to Pamela with my head facing Oge this time: “Oge meet my amazing neighbour who is also a wonderful cook, one could mistakenly ch

omp his fingers while eating Pam`s food, even when there are not enough condiments she would still prepare it rich;  in fact Pam is the best…”


Pam knew I was ready to continue praising her till evening, so she endeavoured to break-in, “My dear don’t mind this crazy boy. Welcome oo” she added a smile to Oge. And that was when a bit smile paid visit to Oge`s face for over thirty minutes she came. As if God sent Pamela to brighten up our mood, when she was leaving my room she said something the moment she got to my door.


“And my dear, I have one thing to tell you” Pam`s face was serious this time, and Oge paid attention to hear what she had to say.

Pam lowered her voice, “Alert me whenever this boy starts misbehaving, cos I don’t trust him. So, once he starts rolling his eyes, just shout. I`ll hear you and come to your rescue.”


We burst into laughter, and for the first time, since I knew Oge, I saw her laugh open-jawed, allowing her skinny shoulders to vibrate. Pam laughed too and left the room. Pam and Oge had one thing in common – they were both skinny even though Pam made-up her own with a plump bum, she was actually rich down there. Oge was dark and Pam – fair, Oge was pretty and Pam a bit prettier with the blessing of pink lips. In character, Oge was stubborn but Pam would do anything just to avoid trouble, even if it meant forsaking her own right. Oge was creative in knitting, while Pam was a confirm business babe from Aba precisely.

In conclusion, the both of them were friends of mine who ha

d wisdom in common, but I guessed Pam was wiser than Oge when it came to relationship stuffs, because I had held a couple of conversation with Pam as well and realised that she rather have a man leaving outside the school premises than to have a poor boyfriend in school who she would see almost all the time, and the urge to do one or two naughty things would be springing up. She would prefer to visit a made-man probably in his office of work, whenever she liked to, than to visit a student who was struggling to make ends meet like her, probably in a self-con which knows nothing like air conditioner.

In my own analysis, I think that if it was Pam`s kind of person who were in Oge`s shoes, she would’ve deleted Tobias from her life the moment he demanded for sex. Because yes, Pam liked avoiding trouble but she was hard-heartened as we

ll, she wasn’t too emotional like Oge, so as to lose her dignity over emotions. It`d rather disturb her mind for some days or maybe weeks, and she will forget about the guy and his existence. Girls differs, or so I thought.


“Lemme get you a spoon”


“No. Go on, I don’t feel laaa…la…like eating”

“It`s a lie Oge, you must eat oo.” I made to get her spoon.


By then her smiling face returned to its initial angry furrow, as if her mind reminded her of the mess she was into. Before I could get the spoon, scoop some rice into my mouth, raise my head and ask her to join me, she had burst into a suppressed cry. This time Oge cried like a two-year old kid. Her face flooded with tears and her nostrils dripped of snots.


“Tonio, you don’t si..siiiiii…seem to understand the gravity of d..d…thiiiis issue”

“My dear, I’m just trying to cheer you up before you start again, and besides you are my visitor. I want to observe the courtesy of offering you kola notwithstanding the matter on ground”


She still wept silently. I shook her and said few more words of consolation, but she wept more and more. Her cry was so heavy that she let out moans at intervals, I shrieked. I talked for a few more moments, but she was still crying without saying a word. All she did was clean up the mucus with her handkerchief.


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“Oge talk to me, what’s the bigger problem you`re talking about?”

She was still crying without noise, only her sniffles and hiss made sounds. At once, my hunger vanished, it was when my spoon slipped from my hands and clattered on the ceramic plate, that I noticed I’ve lost appetite. For about ten minutes Oge haven’t said a word to me but weep and weep silently. At a time she looked at herself thoroughly and burst into the main sob; heavier than the former. I became too uncomfortable that even Pam`s delicious rice seemed like a hip of dung to me. I stood up, sat, shook Oge, and moved to get a glass of water.


I came back, gave it to her, she rejected; I dropped it, held her shoulders and started yet another speech, one of my best speeches this time.


“You won`t come to my house and cry all day without tabling your problems” I paused. “It won’t help matters, would it?” I helped her clean her tears. “A problem shared is a problem half solved, remember you`ve been talking since you came here, why stop now?” she was still mute. “Oge baby, I would rather dismiss you and hear this story from Tobias himself, I think it would better help me know my stand in this whole case. Because the way he sounded, it seemed I have gotten involved.”

I got my android phone and drew my lock pattern immediately, as if to call Tobias right away.


“Tonio, I`m pregnant” she shrieked. The mucus in her nostrils stifled her voice.

I seem to be deaf for a moment. “You are what?”


Silence enveloped us for what seemed like two years to me. She burst into the real cry. Silent cries is one of the worst way of crying, because as Oge endeavoured not to make sounds while crying, her face and eyeballs bulged out as if they were going to blow and burst and scatter before me.


“I`m pregnant o, Tobi has fiiiii…finished me” flecks of spittle squirted from her

trembling mouth. She wept, burying her head inside her palms.


“Oh, oh, oh,” I snarled. “So, this is what this fuss is all about?” I shrugged, an ugly furrow took hold of my face. I tried assuming I was Tobias who impregnated a fellow student at such age and level in life, but at once, I stopped assuming. “Is he aware?”


“He haven’t yet confirmed”

“Confirmed, how?”


“I only told him da…da…that I hav…haven’t seen my cycle thri…three weeks after d…d…the supposed date”


“And he said?”


“He got mad. He nearly to…tore himself ap…part, sey…saying he was only

drunk the laaa…last time we met.”


“I thought you guys should be usin…”


“We`ve be…been using protection, I don’t know wh…what happened. I I don’t know how it all we…went. I warned Tobi, I… I  war…warned him” she sobbed. I held my head bent in thoughts, sincerely the issue was greater than me. “We agreed I`ll go fo…for test and confirm, I did and it was positive”


“Did he suggest anything, should in case you became positive”


“He said I should abort the baby” this time, Oge snapped without even stammering.


I was so speechless, thinking and thinking. Must relationships get to such extent? Sex, according to the norm is meant for the married alone, but why is it so hard for youths to get it over with – just why? But again, I came to think that the attraction between young boys and girls were just too strong and the urge irresistible, because our organs naturally hunger for the opposite gender. How could nature be so wicked to do this to us, why does nature drag us into diso

beying God. If only nature can rip us of this urge from the day we were born till we get married, then it would’ve been best. For we wouldn’t have to bother sinning, because there would be nothing like temptation. If only we could deactivate the sensitivity of our flesh as long as we wanted, then a lot of people will gladly do so.


“Ah, ah aiii, I don’t know whether to let him know that ah…aii…I ya…ya…am positive, that was one of the reasons I had wanted to to see see you today”


“Oge, this decision is tough to make and you kn

ow how hard Tobias can be, he might insist that you abort the…” I paused, then continued like an afterthought, “Well, unless you actually want to abort the…” I shivered on what doom my tongue was about to say, then I nodded my head in perplexity and changed my statement to: “…but it means killing, Oge aborting a baby means murder!” I forced out and sighed gravely.


Unlike some girls – who know their ways to a chemist shop or hospital where they get drugs to eliminate their pregnancy – Oge was different. Unlike girls who out of carelessness, murder their unborn children not knowing what greatness God planted in those children, Oge had a different mindset.

Right there and then, Oge told me she had vowed to bear her child if ever she mistakenly got unwanted pregnant, so as to se

rve as punishment to herself for not being sexually abstinent. Unfortunately, it was easier said than done, she never knew it would turn out at such a time in her life. She had barely two years to graduate and her rich fiancée can`t wait to tie the knot; her strict father would skin her alive if he heard that. It all boiled down to what she said earlier – the said love brought her in the middle of a place where she can’t go back or forth; where she was stuck and could hardly make decisions.


After searching through her head. “We are in malice now. I think I will buy some time to think on what to do”


“Malice? So why did he call me, how and what actually am I involved in – the pregnancy or malice?” I blubbered.

“He slapped me because he thought I was cheating, then…then from the way I tal…tal…talked he se…sensed I might be working aaaaa…according to your ah…aaaa…advices, that was when he called to warn you, after which I told him about the pregnancy. Then…then, he wa.wa.wa…was sober till I left his place, I came here from the Chemist shop where I diiiiii.di.did my test, I have waited since mo.moorning to get my result.”


…To be continued

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