Should A Startup Construction Business Hire Rental Cranes Or Not?


If you just started your construction business, should you hire rental cranes or not? You have asked this question on the internet, well we will give an answer to this question.

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The construction business is one of the growing and most developed businesses in the world. No one can say that they had a loss from this business. Most building construction companies end up using mobile cranes.

On the other hand, many construction companies think that it is profitable to rent a crane or buy a crane. However, we will discuss this question in this article. So, let’s move on to the next step.

There are a number of factors that determine whether it is profitable or not to hire a crane if your construction business has recently started.

So, let’s take a look below.

Is It Profitable For A Construction Company To Rent Or Own A Crane?

When you want to decide whether it is profitable or not to have your own crane or rent for a startup construction company, it is important to note that it depends from company to company. The answer will change depending on the process of the company. The cost of crane rental, maintenance, storage–everything we will discuss.

For some companies, it may be profitable to own a crane. If you ask, for startup construction, is it good to have your own crane, then we woul like to say that there are plenty of reasons to rent a mobile crane rather than your own one. So, let’s see the reason for having a rental crane instead of buying one.


First, when you think about buying a crane for your business, storage is the word that comes first in your mind. It can be a major problem for startup construction companies. You may understand that a crane is not a 10/10 inch product that you can store in the store room.

Storing a crane is the first issue that a small construction company may face. Plus, the crane is not constantly using the product, and it is necessary to place it in a safe area in between the job. And, it is also required if the place would be dry because it can maintain the lifespan of the crane and reduce the maintenance cost.


The next thing is maintenance. You need to spend huge amounts of money on maintaining a crane. It takes a lot of maintenance and check-up every time before you use it to operate safely. If the company buys a crane, then the responsibility of maintaining the crane falls on the employees. Plus, it has the personality of the company owners too.

If you rent a crane, then the whole responsibility of the crane falls on the rental company. They trained professionals to maintain cranes. And fulfill the care that required the crane.

Flexibility And Variety

If you think any crane can be matched with any type of construction company, then you may be wrong. Every crane is not appropriate for every job. Some construction businesses need a specialized crane to lift larger loads or shift certain areas.

Therefore, if a company buys a crane, they need to have knowledge of the types of cranes available and which types they require for their business.

In this case, a crane rental company has different cranes that help you to select a suitable crane for your business. When your company is a startup, then you should go for the rent crane.


Another factor is cost.  When a business takes on a new project or implements new technology, the first thing is the cost. Is the company an effort at the cost? In this case, buying a new crane, maintenance, and training an operator on staff require a huge cost than renting a crane.

Comparably buying a crane takes more money than renting a crane. So, make sure before making any decision about your business, you will compare the cost of buying and renting a crane.


Do you know that only certified operators are legally allowed to access a crane on a construction site? You may understand that it can cost money to train staff, and maintain the place where you will be placed a crane.

You need to take much responsibility when you buy a crane because it is your property, if you are negligent, it can affect your business badly.

Final Takeaway

Now, you may understand why we suggest to go for a rented  crane instead of buying a new one. As a startup construction company, first, you need to understand the market. Hold the target customer, understand the cost of your business, and expense yearly, then you will go to buy required things, such as cranes.

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your queries; if you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

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