COVID-19: Nigerian School Distributes Radios to Pupils to Study from Home

Whanyinnah Nursery and Primary School in Makoko area of Lagos has given out 151 radios to pupils to learn from home. The school distributed the radios as a means to aid cushion the effect of the pupils' stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school which is located in Makoko community, a slum area in Lagos state, gave out radios to its pupils to enable them learn from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


The proprietor, Noah Shemede, said the radios will be used by the pupils to follow up on educational programmes organised by the Lagos state government. According to him, the school partnered with a foundation to give out 151 radios to the pupils to cushion the effect of their stay at home.

"We looked at the pandemic and we looked at what is happening in the country whereby all the children are home without going to school - what can we do to assist them?" Speaking with Legit TV, Shemede said the school got radio sets for pupils in primary 1 to primary 6. He said the school usually send staff to pupils' homes to find out if they are using their radios for what they are meant for.” He said.