As Covid-19 spreads with 100,000 victims in Ohio, this is what you should do


According to estimate, Covid-19 keeps spreading with 100,000 victims in Ohio, yet instead of panicking, here are what you should do.

As stated in our earlier post where we talked about what age groups say about chances of survival, this is not a time to panic at all but get into the know and start taking necessary precautions.

The video below gives insight into 7 things required of you to keep safe according to World Health Organization:

In the same regard, below are additional information on how to wash your hands to prevent contracting the Covid-19 virus:

100,000 victims in Ohio

Also, it is necessary to know how the virus spreads so you don’t get misinformed about your environment. The video below explains that:

At this rate, Covid_19 by far is world’s deadliest killer and nothing should be taken for granted. This is the time for humanity first. We should rise above our differences.

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