Democrazy and The People – The Future of Truth

“In this period of political unrest, where at local phases, people get convinced and confined in making suitably decisions and processions, where aspirants are doing all within reach to be victorious, simple truths needs to be told and in essence, like the mouth must be guided, so is the heart.

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Sometimes past, Mr Olusegun Obasanjo was a Nigeria president, afterward election favoured Mr Umar Yaradua, death descended, Mr Goodluck Ebele emerged, God’s time is the best, President Mohammed Buhari occupies the presidential seat unknown to who is the next. To increase further the history, an election has to be democratically expressed, an ample practice must be conducted to clarify the dictate, calculations, permutations, examination, pre-position, position and post-position to bring to light and to bury the hatchet of political interests.At moment, most of the political jobbers, power desperados, cap in hand, are busy pulling strings, running with the hare and hunting with the bounds, by hooks and by crooks to move the Nigerians heaven and earth. In the nick of time, fishy stories would prevail, power and authority would be at loggerheads and in the long run, each individuals would be stucked to his or her own nut to crack. At the eleventh hour, some would be confused, many would be doomed to deceit, others, behind purpose and foresight, would take to ears in gaining as many fouls and again, combustion of lifeless reflection shall persist, evaluated and at response time, historied.

To achieve the stated duties of democratic service, the government, locks, hand in hand, heart to heart, to invent achievements, under a close doing of objectivity and tendency.But, in the inappropriate layout of Nigeria democracy, the structure mirrored is an enimity to itself, lectern of ideas and policies have been suggested, most of which are not used or tried, leaving the people to meditation and the government to fallible decisions.The interpretation to the mode of operation of democracy in Nigeria is an unrepentant act of the bad people and silence of the good ones. However, while this prevail, minute men of the nation wanders in the doctrine that the country is impermeable of good governance and just people. Verbal pronunciation exists in the face of allied mistakes like ‘since the days of almagamation’. Likewise, many political crowns, leaders seen as prominent ambition ambassadors, go into practice to pay old scores of desperation, recognition and contention. The tangent, being flexible metals, backbone of ill-luck, class of aides behind powers rack and ruin without feeling for the future, down the bank of dependable understanding, lives and silence of numbers of Nigerians.

But, of what benefit is all old tricks for an old dog ?.

The only reason for the persistence of the starkling demonstrated sect, Boko Haram, is bad government. The culture to own a positioned, peaceful and a people-cratic system of governance is aborted, obviously as the system and the leaders of the people failed, to admit frivolity as well as incompetency as the sole cause of the nation’s wretchedness. The aftermath of the boldened strike of the sect suggests the lowness of security trepidation, triffling view for the society from power based people and authority, incongruous rooted corruptive practices, misuse of state authourity, priceless poverty, feebled policies, technological meltdown, intellectual subtraction as triggered by illetracy and loss of scale of preference.Within midst of indexed number of death toll, the attraction of devouring international calmness from the nation targets kicks back on August 26 2011 killing twenty people at the United Nations complex at Abuja.Meanwhile, the provision of the understudy of the united state airforce suggested that Nigeria disintegrates by the year 2030.Above all the assumptions, what creates the fatness of havoc is the unsolved crises and harrowing links of the despicable terrorists, in the face of a government that acclaims combating terrorism and corruption into total extinction. The unsettled dispute in the northern states yields continually models of criticisms for the security department, government and lives of citizens existing effectiveness of a sane institution of government.

In an attempt to promote industrialization, the government has in establishing a favorable term of trade. The price ratio of export and import of the nation economy is a reason for worsening growth within the country and other west Africa countries. The meltdown can be ammeliorated by improving export duties on trade, especially, in agricultural production and value of local currency in relation to the currencies of other countries as this would make export more expensive and increase its receipts on exports.The quality of exchange should be furthered if only a meaningful internal distribution of agricultural products can be supplied to all veins of the country as this importantly would suppress scarcity. With the high demand of products and smiling price in the open market, Nigeria would make if a goal aimed regional exporting association is established to co-organise exporting activities with firm look on the activities of free trade in the country.

The best description the Nigeria constitution possess is a role of selective justice and brutal application.The rich abounds in criminal acts with opulent legs to wipe stains off outlooks.The poor, original to a pack horse lives in bounty of frustration, switching between inability and disability yet apprehended by weird attack from inequality of power weight to paper trials and then to improper implementation of the law. The plights promulgating injustice and respect for the law is straight to the weak council of justice, slow jurisdiction and weakness of the constitution. Profanity for the law exists.In Nigeria, Justice possesses a short arm to file out inequalities and catch up with unrepentant rabble rousers, law is failing to recognise with preference, as a it is more difficult to break the ‘streetness’ in boys from the street in girls. Irrestibility of the judicial council to be Independent is a propelling cluster of low, rundown from the smallest unit of the society to the large atmosphere.

Education is on the run-away track. Only designated institutions enjoy productive learning. Government is locked out of sincerity, motive, reasoning and sense of judgement. Appointed introverted commissioners of educational development to trivial inhumane priorities. Enduring foresight has been lost in the education sector. Agents in utility are indecent of hierarchical beliefs, this brings the scourge of exploitative education, misplaced exquisite of value and rank, habitual academic muteness and disproportion of quantity and quality. A case study of labour unions in the nation, attacked welfarism of students, staff unions, absent infrastructure and syllabus for the learning swallows the bricks of education.

While Governor Ishaku Darius of Taraba state, like any many deceives with non-achievable propangada in handling power again in 2019 and beyond under the sly means of politics and deceit. Many of sort seen as leaders of people, pride in dooming further irrelevant agenda in the poll of politics for blind purpose. Governor Darius Ishaku could in the used three years of his democratic rule make his proposed agenda of alleviating the people’s burden, a reality. His promise of buying…for the people of Taraba is a status of feign presence of spurious interest The derelict welfarism of Nigeria citizens in turn should be attributed to the robbed reasoning abilities and capability of facing responsibilities of the government, administrators and every of other determinants. History already had enough failures, it is sympathetic many of the ambitioned bearers spittle the unchecked reference of vision misalignment.While it does, for the sake of sheer politeness, attempts to revamp the unhealthy sectors of the economy has either been neglected or scally lessened, to nurturing of political interests, even after a year of senatorial service, two years of state leadership and selfishly subtended to at it again at the senatorial substation.

Nigerians regardless under which watch of political parties on board needs to buttress utility and productive strategies to every perceptible recommendation. If all truth of inconveniency and amputated touch of impartiality is at least driving the hope weary the more, without doing that which is most feared and appropriately prioritized, the more a cluttered Nigeria prevails. On to-do-lists, the attention span of the judicial system should be improved and respected. This is because, it majors in accelerating justice and equity alongside building beneficial integrity. Basically, the future of the truth is sharp but unused, friable but denied, fundamental but seen as a cosmetic, oriented but not permitted. This flow of numerous political interest and waveless democratic pursuit is considerably disincentive to other prospective aspect of what concept occupies the most selling matters arising.

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Aduwo Ayodele Gabriel is a writer and content developer.He can best be reached via [email protected]

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