Education: The Need To Encourage Entrepreneurship Amongst Students by Akinboade Elijah Akinlolu

by Akinboade Elijah Akinlolu
According to Wikipedia, Entrepreneurship is defined as the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit.
Entrepreneuship should be a crucial aspect everybody needs to know. So far the labour market is filled with lot of competitions and many challenges, it is better for all and sundry to be oriented on entrepreneuship.
There are many graduates which every higher instutition of learning are producing every year,having little hope or none on how to survive. It is so bad for students that really suffered while on campus are out of school have nothing tangible to do in order to live a good life. Labour market is mostly favoured by those that have connections to great place.
Students should not be oriented on coming to school for the sake ofgrade point alone. Schooling is more that grade point,it is about getting education in all areas of life,and not on academics alone. There are many reasons which call for need to encourage entrepreneurship amongst student,but only few will be discussed below.
As stated earlier, we live in a very competitive and challenging world,in which only the strongest can survive. Through entreneuership student can be strong emotionally,financially etc, and depend less on others,because they will have the grace to control their finance and stop searching for white colar job which is not always available. Thus reducing the rate of unemployment in our community.
An adage says an idle hand is a devil workshop,which is obviously true. So far most crime being committed is from graduated youth having nothing reasonable to do with their time but crime. If they had been exposed to entrepreneurship and empowered when they were still in school, they might not have had time to think of crime not to talk of having time to commit it, because they will be so busy minding their own business. It will be so good if students are exposed to entrepreneuship to make them less idle,by this crime rate can be reduced.
Drop by drop makes ocean as being said by some people. Many great companies started as infants before they become so big and popular. Facebook was started by a student, likewise microsoft and many other companies. Both turned to great leading companies with respect with time. So if entrepreneuship is encouraged amongst students,many top leading companies will surely rise,which will help the economy of a Nation.
Finally entrepreneurship can help students to develop their God giving talent. There are so many talented students. Most students are not encouraged, which made them to let go of what is given to them(talents). If some certain amount of money is donated to talented people,and they are educated on how to turn their talent to ocean of wealth,it will be of a great help for them to become a better person,and they will be of a great benefit to the world with their talent(s).