Empty House, Poem by Moses Sibanda

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Empty House 

Deserted and non-pandemic host
Helpless big and huge harbour with its unoccupied halls
A great enclosure with its several accommodating chambers
Its welcoming unique portal entery
Its echo admitted me gladly and willingly
I wasn’t sure of where I’m gonna start
The interior design was so complicated
To make matters worse, I was so annoyed the echo sounds of my footsteps
At first, I was glad to be a solitary without realising that I was imprisoning myself
What’s funny is I got used to the surroundings
Things were hard for me to cope before I actualize that I was in need of a friend
I gave up on my neighbour who always wanted me to greet him
Though, at first, I had that aura
Sadly, it vanished
Boredom took over since I was alone
Though it became habitual
Life wasn’t easy, life was easy
A life without expecting anyone to darken the door
One day finding myself talking alone was no surprise
Then it turned to a regular thing
With the echo of the house
I felt like there was someone responding to whatever I was talking
It became real
My inner self had a friend
“WOW” was the word came out of my mouth and found myself laughing
In some ways I was starting to think “I’m getting crazy “
Though there was someone fighting against those words
This conversational thing became bold
At last, I gave him a name
“Jacob” was the proper one and he seemed to like it
We became good friends
He made me strong by giving advices,clues,o
pinions and also comfort
With him, I never felt alone at that apartment
However, I never saw how he was
How he looked like
His appearance
But because the Empty House’s sacred hall mirrors which were all over the hallway made me confident that that was Jacob.

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Moses Sibanda aka Mc’Jones, aged 22 began writing poems when I was 12. He is currently working on his first novel. The idea of him being a poet is to showcase his feelings, and other
people’s: cultural, spiritual, or religious and in reality with
astounding words. He writes from Lyndhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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