2021 Google ‘Kick Start’ Global Coding Competition | Prizes: Scholarship, Employment

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Kick Start is a global online coding competition, consisting of three-hour rounds of a variety of algorithmic challenges designed by Google engineers.

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Participants can compete in one or all online rounds held throughout the year, and will have the opportunity to develop and grow their programming abilities while getting a glimpse into the technical skills needed for a career at Google (top participants may be invited to interview at Google).

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Kick Start is an online coding competition that offers single rounds throughout the year. In each round, you write code to solve algorithmic problems that have multiple layers of difficulty. Each round starts fresh, so you can participate in one round, or all of them!

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Kick Start offers coders around the world the chance to develop and hone their programming skills through online-hosted competition rounds.

The three-hour rounds feature a variety of algorithmic challenges, all developed by Google engineers so that you get a taste of the technical skills needed for a career at Google (the top competitors from our Kick Start rounds may be invited to interview at Google!).

Our rounds are held regularly throughout the year at different times so they are easily accessible to coders everywhere. Each Kick Start Round is open to all participants, no pre-qualification needed, so you can try your hand at one or give them all a shot.

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Competition Requirements

  • Void where Prohibited: Each Contest is void in Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Quebec, and where prohibited by law.
  • No purchase necessary to enter or win: You do not need to purchase any Google product or service to enter or win a Contest.
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Ineligible Individuals:

  • (A) You cannot participate in a Contest and will be immediately disqualified and forfeit all of your prizes if you are or become:
    • (1) a resident of Quebec, Canada;
    • (2) a resident of, or ordinarily resident in, Crimea, Iran, or North Korea;
    • (3) otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs;
    • (4) a resident anywhere that a Contest is prohibited by law;(5) a current employee, intern, contractor, officer, or director of Google or Alphabet or their affiliates.
  • (B) If you gained information on a problem as a participant in a Google-managed program or by working as an employee, intern, contractor, director, officer, or other official office-holder of Google, you will be disqualified from a Contest if you submit a submission for that problem. You may also be disqualified if Google learns you acquired information on a problem from any other person unless permitted by Contest Rules.
  • (C) You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age at the time you register for a Contest in order to participate in the Contest; however, to participate in a final round of Code Jam or Hash Code, you must be at least eighteen (18) years old or the age of majority in your country of residence (whichever is greater) at the time of your initial registration for Code Jam or Hash Code. Additional restrictions may be included in the Rules for a Contest.
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How to Apply

  1. Create a Coding Competitions profile if you don’t have one already. You can do this at any time. Then, when registration for the contest opens up, sign up! You must have or create a profile before you’re able to register for a contest.
  2. Once the Round starts, a link on the homepage will direct you to the dashboard for that Round.
  3. On the Round Overview page, you’ll see the problems. They will be listed in approximate order of difficulty, so we recommend starting with the first one.
  4. Read the problem description:
    1. The statement describes the problem that you need to write code to solve.
    2. The Input and Limits sections describe the test sets, which are an ordered list of difficulty targets for your program to hit. These sections make guarantees about the sort of data your code will have to run on for each test set.
    3. The Output and Sample sections clarify what your code has to do.
  5. Write a solution that you think can pass at least Test Set 1.
  6. If you’d like, you can test your solution on test cases of your choice. We strongly encourage you to do this as the provided Samples are not intended to cover all cases and rarely do.
  7. When you submit a solution, we will first run your code against the provided Sample cases (for non-interactive problems). If it passes those, we will run the code against Test Set 1, and on the next test set if that passes, and so on.
  8. All Test Sets are “Visible Verdict Test Sets”, which means you will learn during the Round whether your code passed. You can submit as many times as you like, with minor penalties.
  9. Solve as many test sets for as many problems as you can before the Round ends. The more test sets you solve, the higher your score.

Visit the OFFICIAL PAGE for further information. DROP COMMENTS for questions/suggestions.

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Support & Insights

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DISCLAIMER: Do not pay or release sensitive financial details to any organizer/recruiter unless futher verified from your end.

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