Except For These | Poem by Jumoke Adesewa Olah


except for,
a person that comes as "en",
a pen
or women
that stays the same
and for words that's comes
like saliva.


except for,
an arsenal of tongues that forms a plague of africa a country;
of a baby that dominates a republic of vulgarity
of the egyptians,
who fought and lost its sovereignty in a twinkle of an eye.
except for,
the ivory of their eyes
that mimics the winking stars at night
and the brightness of their smile like the eyes of the full moonlight;
the metric measure of lips that recites their life span,
could have been guessed
by the curtness
and the holiness of their deeds.
except for,
the elixir that got them drunken
in the earth of eternity and
shoved them off a bit with no curiosity;
that depends on the choices made into certainties,
the drops of dew coming
out of a boiling night.
except for,
the time that gasps,
the days that went,
the weeks that ran,
the months that eloped
and the years that were humiliated after a long vacation of thrust.
except for,
the centuries that had been forgone,
the winters and the summers,
the every o'clock that went through our eyes,
the special days;
like birthdays
and wedding days,
what really is worthy of life?





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