Forever Mine; Poem by Ayouba Toure


The time, when is going to be?
Before you, I shall stand;
With your chest greeting mine;
Very close and tight.
By your lovely spirit, I am anointed;
For the holy spirit I’ve thwarted.
When darkness falls;
The lamp I need to show me the way.

On my heart, these are the words written:
‘Beyond the globe, everyday I’ll take thy;
My kidneys, I’ll trade to pay thy bride price.
Happily, together we’ll ever live;
For thy dowry, millions of gold I’ll pay.’
On my heart those words are spilled;
Not for I’m wise.
But verily,
Thou shall be mine forever.

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Ayouba Toure, a Pan-Africanist from Liberia. is an emerging poet, who writes base on the ills of the society.