Free Book Alert: Ten Tongues of Praise by Immaculate Bonny Idika


day, we wake up feeling fulfilled; sometimes disappointed. Life has its way of talking to us; and as humans, we can only but listen.

There’s always a point in a man’s life when he acknowledge his creator and
tends to be nearer. We are taught to believe problems bring us closer to
God, but should we always hold on to that?

Even the psalmist say, “enter into his courts with praises

10 TONGUES of PRAISE by Immaculate Bonny Idika is a collection of ten soul-lifting poems
from a grateful heart wishing to enter into his court screaming at his

Immaculate Bonny Idika is a young creative writer and poet who hopes to heal souls with her pen that bleeds. 10 Tongues of praise is her first gift to the world of poetry among other unpublished works.

Download, read, breath in the lines and be filled, calling forth his presence.

Happy reading!

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