FWGE Day 1: My African Queen by Bamidele Ayobami Lukman

I was a farmer,
And she a gardener.
I sow seeds,
While she breeds fruits.

She is an ice,
She makes heat
The more I touch,
The harder my heart beats.

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I thou be held chained,
I will sooth your very pain.
Even in the rain,
For you, my body I will strain.

She is like a tree,
Smiles planted by the riverside,
Leafy and beautifully green,
Now my heart does a cha-cha.

Her skin has the brightest of glows,

Her eyes, satin black,
Glimmers like diamonds.
And my stares never will I avert.

Her love will I make known,
Throughout Africa.
And her name I will proclaim,

Shall i be your rain?
That whilst on you I drizzle,
Your pains then I will ease.

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Bamidele Ayobami Luman was born in kwara state in the year 1997. He studied at Usman Danfiodio university, Sokoto State. He believes, with his writing, he can make the world a better place for everyone to live.
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