FWGE Day 5: Worship as a Symptom of Love by Pamilerin Jacob

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the taste of your nectar is sweet on my lips
shrouding my soul in lunar eclipse

– LXXXVIII, 156 Adorations to the Scarlet Goddess

to be made holy with a kiss, is all there is
is all that matters

to us

so when an angel asks why you glow
point to me & offer a eulogy

& I will too, to the sky, to you.
you are more beautiful than the sky

on its brightest days. you command worship
[with a hair flip]: this
is what it means to be divine.

I pant after your shadow, on the coldest days
want to be held [by you], the way
a teenage girl clasps


her pillow while she cries. it is how I worship-
to be an anaesthetic, to silence frayed nerves

with adoration. I also
want to kiss your forehead daily
you know, but that has nothing to do with worship

& all to do with forgiveness. mother
told me, to thrive in love, one
must learn to forgive future wrongs

I know someday, you will step
 upon my spleen. will
mistakenly drive a scythe into my eye

I forgive you, I forgive you…
[in advance]


Pamilerin Jacob is a young Nigerian poet. His poem was shortlisted for the Ken Egba Prize For Festival Poetry 2017. Author of Memoir of Crushed Petals (2018) & Gospels of Depression (2019); he is a staunch believer in the powers of critical thinking, Khalil Gibran’s poetry & chocolate ice cream.

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