FWGE: In Our Solitary Darkness by Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu

in our solitary darkness

I will hug you, like I hug pillow
and see you pant while my beats
release bliss on you
and send you chords of pendulous roses.

I will shine my teeth on your lips, and bite myself
in you, that your cuddles
will rate me beyond voids.
I will blow to your ears; you will blow to mine, and we, be of the finest miners.

Now that, you're gone
somewhere across the sea —
I will let myself aback
on the seashore to call your name,
throwing pebbles to the face
of water: that way my heart reach you.
and our hearts unite, yet
in our solitary darkness.



I am a final year Student of English and Literary Studies, Ekiti State University. My works had appeared at WRR, PulseNigeria. And Shortlisted for NSSP 2017. I am currently the Editor-In-Chief, Community of Writers And Readers; a literary organisation on the Campus of Eksu. On Facebook by Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu. I live a random simple life with optimism.

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