Getting The Next Level Working Again

by Ayodele Gabriel
I don’t take the side that there’s a clarity of major parties in Nigeria.There may be on better stance but that might not win the stand of many Nigerians too.Better now, there are more to parties.That does not answer the questions of Nigerians to issues of Economy, Security and Corruption. Of which am not exempted, there is virtually numbers of agitations on the mind of Nigerians.I’m afraid.
In my study of the military, to fight and conquer in all battles is never a supreme excellence. Concrete times, the reward is playing the win without a fight. This is the idea of intelligence. There is an ancient idea, the trickle-down theory, of the taunt chants of a common man or many Nigerians, by way the term of reference. At which curtains fall but not the plot.We collectively understand where our intelligence works.All other but politics.That’s why no one knows how to fight public interest. Those who try ends in the root. It is artificial there are two traces of thought for one action by many humans. For a decision, there might be many too options. Only one is right and many others might be bright.To attain the popularity, both the rebellious and the rebelled would sheer off into chapters of the animals in a big farm.An heterogeneous on a farm with sentiments and actions as animals.
Deciding the presidency, as the day approaches hopefully all places are aware of the actual numbers of candidates and areas of interests from which the political economy would be addressed, but there have been raised lines on the popular candidates (of which many media and sayings do not respect; the commitment of other candidates, regarding them unpopular).That’s not a problem but the overrated candidacy, overtime the undeserving. By time the entirety of the nation is done with electioneering process, what would be left is the class of people and that’s the non discussed. It matters that every conviction is apt in the structure of welfarism dispensation and how this works depends largely on the weight of public testimonies, with which there is a true continuity.
Choosing among the available candidates requires understanding and shut-eyed selective pick.
It is true there is an agitating continuity.One which plans to take the country to the next level.The incumbency which is always in controversy spared to defeat corruptive practices by selecting cases with defense from enslaved hailers. They are hardened to protect against terrorism and yet they aren’t winning completely. The economy is done, everyone buys the market price and to crown the outvote the economy is imbalance of many economic policy. It is also true it takes time for the upliftment in a sequential order.We have all battled and will continue to have the morality play. But the best might not win the race.
Working the country for sixteen years and apprehended by sentiments is difficult to deal. Ghosting of Nigerians behind every political individuals is another untackled.Apprehend a popular criminal, winter might drop a letter, that’s what some define the independent 58. The nation should ahead prepare to fight terrorism sporadically. It was the rampant headline in the previous times.
Others are many, only afew is remarkable. Nigerians won’t stop learning about them.Many are not new but not all are stocked, even in news.Ideas that want to prove differences gainfully becoming. Hijacking an old structure is a bit terrible.And the terribles won’t give up.
The persuasion is an utmost headlong.Democracy in the twirl of politics is contorted and within the frame is a close-cropped decisive days for Nigerians
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