“Having kids is a very selfish thing” – Nigerian gay writer, Vincent Desmond


A Nigerian journalist and LGBTQ Writer, Vincent Desmond has said that having kids is an inherently selfish thing on the part of parents.

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Vincent Desmond is a writer, editor and social media strategist specializing in covering fashion, contemporary, queer and pop culture. As a freelance journalist, he has written about queerness, fashion and being Nigerian for varying platforms and bringing these stories to a wider audience. 

According to Vincent Desmond, it’s selfish because you are bringing kids into the world and forcing them to live and participate in life and society. Read as he tweeted below…

“My personal beef with having kids is that I think having kids is an inherently very selfish thing.

“Selfish on the part of the parents because you’re bringing in a whole human and forcing them to live and participate in life and society. And for what? Bragging rights? Because you feel it’s time?”

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  1. Well, we’re all free to air our opinions. Having kids, for me, is a very beautiful thing.

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