Healing Hands (Collection of poems)

This collection of poems serves some purposes. First, to share in the burden of a mother (Ma Brigitte Poirson)who has been part of the success stories of many burgeoning poets whom she has not seen physically but has been a part of their lives.

Let your smile charm the birds

And sparkle as the stream wets the flowers

That sit by its bank

Let life dance in your eyes

Like maidens dazzle at the moonlight dance

Let each day remind you

Of how water heals many parched earth

Smile as you heal, and heal us with your humanity!

Vivre au-delà des limites de la vie!

Yes, “live beyond the limits of life!”

-Phunsho Oris

Many have been blessed by her impact and great spirit. She is a healing hand. Two, to use poetry as a means of bringing healing to a loved one whose days remind us the grandeur of friendship and laughter, to Patrick. Three, to give poets the opportunity to heal the world with their gift. For in healing others, we heal ourselves. Four, to celebrate the human spirit, our humanity!

Join this healing process!

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