Hiring: 3 Job Openings for Graphic Designers in Lagos, Ibadan

Below are three job openings for graphic designers in Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria. Apply accordingly.

1. Graphic Designer at Making of Champions Ltd, Lagos

Create designs and amazing visuals using Adobe Creative Cloud (Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effect) and CorelDraw application...


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2. Experienced Graphic Designer in Marketing and Communication Agency, Ibadan

SNL is seeking a seasoned Graphic Designer with experience in a Marketing and Communcation Agency working on Layout design, creating digital and print marketing materials, UI/UX design and more...

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3. Graphic Designer at MillionDollar Ideas, Lagos

The ideal candidate will have strong creative skills and a portfolio of work which demonstrates their passion for illustrative design and typography...

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