His offence; indigent Alimajiri | Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu

They had Jumat,
two Alimajiris, their cloth haggard
with poverty,sick with hunger;
still, they went for Jumat
on their journey, back to resume their begging job.
crossing the road; bike hits one and
lying helpless on the ground–

But, other beautiful Alfas and Al'hajs were
looking– those whom they just had Jumat
with –sprawling in the hands of death.

finally, an helper came. they took him
and left, left is the other Alimajiri.
Now the fellow worshippers laughed him.
His offence; indigent Alimajiri.

Oluwaseun Shedrack Akodu is a student of Ekiti State University, Department of English and literary Studies. I write poems and short stories, and expository writings. My works had appeared: WRR. PulseNg,
And was shortlisted for the Nigeria Students Poetry Prize(NSPP).

Mail: Akoduoluwaseun2@gmail.com

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