10 Natural and Healthy Ways to Handle Depression

Depression is the most common and serious mood disorder,yet its origin and most effective treatments are often elusive.


A newly study suggests that low levels of a single compound in blood correlates with depression.this novel biomarker may open doors to new treatment options,especially for those who do not respond to existing antidepressants.


To diagnose depression, clinicians listen for the familiar symptoms; melancholy, lack of interest, appetite and sleep changes, even inexplicable bodily pain.


A third of patients are unresponsive to existing treatment, even with dozens of antidepressant and vitamin supplements on the market, from Anafranil to Zyban, depression still remains the leading cause of disability around the world.
Depression is triggered by a lot of life factors and people handle it in different ways.


With more than 1.5 million cases reported yearly in Nigeria, we can deduce that depression rate has gone very high compared to the last ten, twenty years ago, and must be curbed before it gets out of hands.


But then,there are limitations to antidepressants and application of vitamins mostly is a waste of money,time and effort.


Natural ways to handle depression
1. Get in a routine: Never get weary of your daily chores,carry them out with diligence,it helps to keep you going.
2. Set goals: Yes,setting realistic goals gives you a sense of purpose,its like an awakening that brings to your remembrance the reason why you’re alive.

3. Exercise: It is very important that you exercise,jogging alone helps to clear the head,visit the gym as oft as you can,or exercise in the comfort of your home daily.

4. Eat healthy: We eat to live,keep in shape,look good..so today,choose ti eat a lot of fruits and veggies,they keep you glowing and healthy.it is very essential to eat right.

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5. Get enough sleep: At least daily,an human being needs no less than seven hours of sleep,rest as often as you can to avoid draining your system and causing stress..for stress sometimes causes chronic depression.
6.Take on responsibility: Don’t go into hibernating mood,it can kill you emotionally,do the things you ought to do,for an idle mind….
7. Challenge negative thoughts: In fact,kill negative thoughts with positive ones,think about being good,it brightens one’s mood.

8. Check your doctor before using supplements: Not all fish oil,folic acid and SAMe works for everyone,get yourself tested,a blood sample will do..that way,you’ll get to know what works for you.

9. Do something new: If you’re someone like me,you’ll probably visit the museum,switch from thrillers to romance novels,go on an adventure or daydream about finding love..whatever you do,make sure it will bring you joy and fulfilment!
10. Try to have fun: Life isn’t funny,life isn’t a bed of roses but then,life’s good.. Living right,touching lives and being yourself is fun.
Quote:Life is too short too live unhappy.

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