How to Get a Job in Nigeria Without Connections or First Class

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Finding employment in Nigeria can be quite frustrating. And many people say you need the right connections or at least a very good certificate to get into your dream company.


But it isn't always so. In fact, once you know the tips on how to get a job in Nigeria, you're one step closer to having a job, your dream job.

But before we proceed to see how to get a job in Nigeria, let's see why it can be difficult to get a job in Nigeria.

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Why it is Difficult to Get a Job in Nigeria.

The following are the reasons it seems difficult to get a job in Nigeria:

  1. Unnecessary Sentiments

Issues like tribalism, favouritism, nepotism, etc., has made it difficult for people to get jobs. It is more or less like the battle of who has connections. Those in high places would rather give it to people they have a relationship with, thereby rendering the qualified ones jobless.

The disadvantages of this are limitless. It not only saturates the workspace with mediocres. It also leaves those who are more qualified with no other choice but to either remain jobless or find a way out.

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  1. Bribery and Corruption

This is another cankerworm eating deep into the employment system in Nigeria. There are cases where so-called employers ask applicants to "settle them" if they really want the job. This only means that one's educational qualifications or skills are useless. All you need is the bribe to get in and that's all.

This is terrible and has affected many job applicants.

  1. Age Limit

Many people have the skill and necessary education to get a job. However, their age seems to be against them. This may be as a result of the fact that they weren't done with school before they passed the employment age. And since employers consider age when it comes to longevity of staff, such people may not be employed.

  1. Lack of Experience

Jobs of nowadays expect fresh graduates to have at least two or three years of experience. And that doesn't happen to everyone.

For instance, you want to work in a bank and they expect you to have done that for three years when you just concluded your NYSC.

This is another drawback that makes finding a job in Nigeria difficult.

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  1. More Job Seekers Than Vacancies

It is no new fact that the number of job seekers has exceeded the number of jobs available. That is why it seems difficult to get a job in Nigeria.

Every year, higher institutions send off thousands of students into the labour market. But the truth of the matter is that the available jobs cannot cater for all of them.

Platforms that can Help You Get Your Dream Job

In this digital age, you don't necessarily have to walk about in search of a job. Simply signing up on the right platform will bring opportunities to your email boxes. Below are some of them:

  • ACEworld Jobs: When you register with us or join our WhatsApp groups, you will get notified about the latest opportunities and recruitment in different public and private sectors in Nigeria.
  • Indeed: This company gives you job listings outside Nigeria. If you're eligible enough, you can get employed and work remotely.
  • Jobberman: This is another Nigerian based job portal that helps connect people looking for jobs with companies hiring.
  • LinkedIn: This is a social networking platform mainly used for professional networking. As a job seeker, you can post your CV and get notified when employers post jobs.
  • Myjobmag: This is another platform that aims to connect job seekers with companies hiring.
  • Facebook: This social medium can also help you find jobs.
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Tips on How to Get a Job in Nigeria

  1. Know What You Want

Many job seekers have become desperate that they have failed to decide on what they want. While this may be understandable considering the fact that conditions are tough, it is not enough to lack clarity of purpose.

Know the kind of job you want and concentrate on it. This way, you don't just take what comes your way. You take what it is you really want. And when you get employed, it won't seem like a backbreaking chore. Instead, it will be something you love to do and anticipate every day.

  1. Have an Impressive CV

Another tip on how to get a job in Nigeria is to have a CV. Moreso, your CV must be really impressive before you can even think of being called for an interview.

Your CV should contain your work experience, personal qualities that are important to the job, educational qualifications, skills, availability of certificates, etc. Your CV should sell you. It should be Impressive at first glance.

In addition, never forget to update your CV/resume regularly. This is because you grow every day. Furthermore, you need to add the new skills and job experience you acquire too for subsequent employment opportunities.

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  1. Develop Yourself

Self-development and improvement is one important tip on how to get a job in Nigeria. You don't have to stay dormant expecting that simply submitting your CV or resume is enough.

You need to improve on yourself. Take courses that will give you more knowledge and expertise in your field. Try to practise on your own too. You can as well learn from those who are more experienced than you. This way, when your dream job comes, you won't feel and act like a novice even if you recently got on their payroll.

  1. Submit Your CV to Different Organisations

As stated earlier, gone are the days people walked about in search of jobs. You can lie in your bed and submit your CV to twenty companies at a go.

Go ahead and do this. And while at it, ensure your cover letter is also Impressive. It doesn't have to contain superfluous words irrelevant to your objective. Let it give brief, additional information about your skills and experience to the employer.

Furthermore, once you submit your CV and you get no feedback, you can as well send a follow-up email or put a call across to the recruiter if possible. When you message or call, be careful not to sound desperate. Instead, let them know you're reaching out to them in respect to your application. There and then, they will let you know if they have reviewed your CV or not.

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  1. Get Ready for an Interview

If they are impressed with your CV, they'll most definitely call you for an interview. To ace the interview, you have to prepare for it.

For example, be bold and confident when speaking to the HR team. You can as well brush up on typical interview questions before that day.

Moreover, dressing well to the organisation is as also important. It will go a long way in establishing a good first impression for you.

There you go with the tips on how to get a good job in Nigeria. Always remember that not all organisations will get back to you. But so long as you keep developing yourself and putting yourself out there, you'll get your dream job.

Originally posted 2021-04-01 11:47:14.

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