How to Install NASIM Npower Biometrics Software on Your Device

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Note that is article is strictly for Npower Batch C Applicants whose profile has gone through a successful screen for verification and needed to do a fingerprint capturing. Please ignore if your profile has not been verified.


For you to know if your profile has been verified, you have to log in to NASIM PORTAL or check the email address you used for the registration, you will see their email message that you have been pre-selected for thumbprinting.

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This article will help you reduce the stress of going to the Npower portal to do fingerprint capturing because of the slow responsiveness of the portal

Before you can do the Npwoer biometrics with your mobile phone or PC, you will b required to install an application if your device does not already have it. the application can be installed via the link below.

From there you can do your biometric thumbprinting

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DISCLAIMER: Do not pay or release sensitive financial details to any organizer/recruiter unless futher verified from your end.
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