How to Make a Successful Career Change and Get Employed during Covid-19

How to Make a Successful Career Change and Get Employed during Covid-19
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During Covid-19, several companies needed to freeze their operations, and a vast amount of workers were left unemployed. As organizations leaned on remote workers to move on, many people began to learn new skills to meet employers’ demands. But the digital transition made the competition tougher, and getting employed became more challenging.


For many aspirants changing careers was the best option to get a new position. However, others felt lost and didn’t know where to start. If you’re jobless because of the pandemic and willing to make a career change, here’s a guide to help you take the first step. It will allow you to get equipped with everything you need to convince employers and get a new job.

Change Your Mindset

Before starting the process, the first thing you need to do is to change your mindset. Making a career change means going out of your comfort zone. It can be scary, but I can assure you that you’ll have no regrets. Be optimistic; it’ll allow you to stay motivated during the process. Keep in mind that when you vibe positively, you’ll attract positive things. However, if you dwell on negative thoughts, I can guarantee you’ll get poor results.

During these difficult times, it may be hard, but remember that negative people only attract negative things. You can’t expect to succeed if you’re not thinking straight. Remember also that it’s important to embrace changes. The pandemic has made everyone implement new strategies—can’t expect less.

Set New Goals

To move in the right direction, you need to set new goals. You can start by thinking about what makes you feel motivated, what you want from life, and where you want to go. It’ll help you to identify what your expectations are and what you’re seeking in a job. Nowadays, many companies are making great offers to those who’re willing to give more.

Setting goals also allows you to stay motivated and not quit during the process. Short-term goals help you to identify what little steps you have to make to achieve the long-term goals. So, if you have a long-term vision, you’ll be able to trace a new plan to approach employers and get what you want. 


Researching is vital during the pandemic. As many companies have stopped operating, it’ll allow you to identify what sectors are looking for new hirings. For example, the healthcare sector and online retail sector are a great option to look for vacancies. Customers are using digital channels to make their purchases, and employers are looking for skilled candidates to meet customers’ needs. 

By doing some research, you will also identify what your job alternatives are. You can see if they are the right match for you and what actions you should take to start. If necessary, conduct informational interviews to get firsthand knowledge and determine what occupations best fit your needs. 

Analyze Your Alternatives

At this point, you should have a reduced amount of alternatives. So, you can make a list to prioritize them. Identify what skills each job requires and what you need to do to meet employers’ needs. Sometimes, job offers seem more attractive on paper than they are in real life. Get additional information about the benefits you’ll have and what tasks you’ll do in the workplace. You would not like to land a position that makes you lose motivation and feel uncomfortable.

Analyzing your alternatives will also allow you to find the perfect job to improve your wellbeing. Remember that the salary is not everything these days, and you should apply for a job that could provide you with work-life balance. During the pandemic, organizations began to offer flexible schedules to remote workers because it has proven to increase productivity and employees’ job satisfaction.

Learn New Skills

Now that you have decided which jobs to apply to, it’s time to start a new learning path. Today’s employers are looking for candidates with in-demand programming tools. In that case, enrolling in coding bootcamps is an excellent option to start. Vocational schools not only allow you to get skilled at in-demand programming languages. They also provide you with other skills like statistical analysis and core computer science concepts to help you stand out from the competition.

Thinkful is a coding school that offers several courses in software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. To enable aspirants to make a successful career change, the company allows students to receive help from a career support team during each course.

Thinkful is committed to its students’ success. The company provides students with several financing options that allow them to focus on learning. Given that, no matter what your needs are, money won’t be a hurdle to start your career change process.   

Build a Portfolio 

To get hired, you must build a portfolio. These days, employers prefer aspirants that speak with facts rather than candidates with impressive CVs. By creating a portfolio, you’ll show your actual abilities and let employers’ know why you are the right match. Many tech professionals, like web designers and data scientists, use portfolios to make employers feel engaged.

Some coding schools enable students to learn through hands-on projects. In that case, students can use them to build their portfolio. However, if you don’t know what to do, you can add any project you’ve worked on. Add professional projects or even personal projects you would like to show. Provide specific details about what tools you used and highlight the objectives you achieved. It’ll help you to increase employers’ trust and your chances of getting hired.

Take Advantage of Digital Channels

Many employers and hiring managers are using digital channels to find skilled candidates. Take advantage of them and change the way you approach employers. Creating a profile in LinkedIn or Upwork can help you to get the job done. After all, many employers are already on these platforms.

To build a LinkedIn profile, you only need to add a profile picture, write a headline and a summary, and ask for recommendations. Be professional. Add a profile photo of you smiling. It makes you seem spontaneous and trustworthy. 

Some workers only add their previous job title in the headline. But, you can go further and add some tools in your everyday work life. For the summary, you should write about your goals and what keeps you motivated. Also, try to add your best skills to catch employers’ attention. And don’t forget to ask for recommendations; that’s what will help you to build a network. Ask co-workers, friends, and even your previous boss to write something. 

In Summary

Making a career change requires a lot of effort. But, I can guarantee that if you follow this guide, you will have no regrets. You’ll be able to thrive and overcome unemployment during Covid-19. Changing your lifestyle will be possible because you’ll have better job opportunities.

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