How to Succeed in life: 6 Things You Should Stay Away From

How to Succeed in life: 6 Things You Should Stay Away From

How to succeed in life. A lot of people really wish to know the right answers to that. The thing is, sometimes the answer to our mysteries is not what we haven’t been doing. It’s what we have been doing wrong.

Most times, the forces killing us are internal, and until we learn to let them go, we will keep being stuck in the same web, stagnant. This brings us to highlight six important attitudes we really need to stay away from as human if indeed we want success tagged to our names.

1. Guilt

Let’s start by removing guilt. Guilt is to the spirit what gain is it to the body? Mistakes are always forgivable if we’re courageous enough to admit them and remember the best apology to ourselves or anyone else is “changed behavior”.

Thing is, no matter what it looks like on the outside, over time, guilt becomes debilitating and toxic. While it may feel like guilt is an important reminder of our responsibilities, in reality it’s accomplishing just the opposite.

Getting rid of guilt is just about the first the thing to consider when understanding how to succeed in life but then, there is more.


2. Excuses

It’s about time you get rid of unnecessary excuses. Excuses are the lies we tell ourselves so that we don’t have to think anything is our fault. Excuses are false reasons we give in order not to admit wrongs and failure.

And to succeed, you really need to be able to own up to your mistakes, stand corrected and work towards amendment.
3. Negative People.

It’s time to remove negative people from your life if we really wish to know how to succeed in life. You literally don’t have to be friends with anyone who doesn’t supports you and still brings your energy down. It’s okay to outgrow anyone who is not growing. Some people are better left in the past no matter how much you want them to be there with you in your present.

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4. Anxiety
Anxiety is like sitting in a rocking chair. It give you something to do but does’t get you anywhere. Over thinking kills and ruins you. It ruins the situations, it twists things around, it makes you worry and also makes everything worse than it actually is. It’s better killing it.
5. Negative Self Talk
Are you really set to know full well how to succeed in life? Then erase negative self talks. We’re defined by the stories we tell ourselves every single day moment to moment. “I’m not good enough” “I can’t do this” “It’s not meant for me.” Try to recognize when a phase, a life stage, a job, or a relationship is over and let it go. Moving on doesn’t have to be a dramatic event. You can simply choose to move forward with peace and clarity and never remove yourself from the equation because whatever happens to you then, nothing will ever add up.
6. Pleasing People

Stop trying to please everyone. We loose ourselves try to please everyone else, and then loose everyone trying to find ourselves.

Those who care about you will understand. Those that won’t, won’t no matter how much you try to fix in. However, this is not an excuse for being stubborn and unrepentant at bad attitudes.

6 Replies to “How to Succeed in life: 6 Things You Should Stay Away From”

  1. I think Guilt can be productive, actually. You mess up, you feel bad, you learn. SHAME is useless. You mess up, you are a terrible person, you worry others will find out, you’ve always been a terrible person, your parent talways old you you were a terrible person and they were right, terrible people never find happiness, you can surmount your terrible-personess only by shaming yourself until you have exorcised the most recent terribleness, then you are merely a pathetic person with sad secrets about how terrible you truly are.

  2. This advice seems somewhat simplistic. You can’t just tell people not to feel guilt or anxiety – without advice on how to do this, it’s meaningless. You are correct in suggesting that success should require dumping the people who rely on your help, and walking away without caring about them. Personally, I’d say the price of success is too high, in that case. Sad but true – some of us have to choose between a life of duty and service and a life of success. The question is, which option will bring happiness?

    1. The thing is there is no one way to finding happiness. It all depends on which work for you.

      And the list up here are just ones we believe will help in the quest for success. The actual list is endless, so we do our part while someone else continues.

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