How to Write a Google Review Without a Gmail Account


As a local business, there is hardly anything more important than your online presence as it’s often how customers discover you for the first time. There are several ways to achieve this: having a Facebook page, Google My Business page and the likes. Whichever way, you need reviews, and this is an article acting as a pointer to how to write a Google review without a Gmail Account.

As important as these reviews are, as they are crucial to the success of your business on search engines, you need to respond to them as they appear in order to build your business reputation.

According to, customers spend 31% more money with businesses who have excellent online reviews. Whether positive or negative, these reviews need to be responded to.

However, there is a common misconception about the fact that you must have a Google account before you post and interact with customer reviews on your business. This is not right. With the three basic and simple steps in this article, you will understand how to write a Google review without a Gmail account.

3 Steps on How to Write a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

As earlier pointed, you definitely do not need a Google mail account to write or respond to business reviews on Google. And remember that when we say Google account, we are referring to Google My Business, Google Drive, Google Play, Gmail and YouTube. It also doesn’t matter if you are window, iPhone or Android user. The three steps in this article will show you how to write a Google review without a Gmail Account.

Before we proceed to the steps, it is important to let you know that without having your business on Google My Business, there may be trouble with you having your business on map searches. Your star rating also plays important role in convincing customers to choose you.

All you have to do is inform your non-Google users to take note and follow the steps below. With this method, they will have no excuse or reason not to drop a review for your business.

  1. Download Google Maps
  2. Search for your business
  3. Write a review

Download Google Maps

How to Write a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

For Android users, they have no business downloading this application as it comes with their phones. For iPhone users, the app can be found on the app store. Download the app for free on your phone and proceed to the second step below’

Search for the business

How to Write a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

The next step requires you to type the name of the business in the search bar. If the company is on Google My Business listing, it will come up as you type it. Click on the name once it pops up.

Write a review

How to Write a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

Once you click on the business name, scroll down past the map until you find starred reviews. This is where you will drop your review. You should see five grey stars; that is where you can contribute your own star rating. After you give a star rating, you will be prompted to write more about your experience and share an image if you want. It is as simple as that. You should see that with these methods, you can write a Google Review without a Gmail Account.

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85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. This is why it is important for you to have your business verified on Google My Business.

Now that you know how to leave a Google review without a Gmail account, there should be nothing stopping you from having an awesome online presence. Start taking authority in your community and boost your local business on Google.

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