If You See Them: For Aleppo | Jumoke Adesewa Olah


I heard,
thousands a people had battled and died;
Aleppo , I can feel the taste of your suffering
and how your laughter cried.

That, I heard the drops of your ocean a tears,turned a drooling flood leaking under everyone’s blanket.
Heard, the gust of wind that wore a mask howling disaster winded your yard and heads were slain by the machete of sorrow.
If you see them,
Tell them;
That I know of their feeling and
I could perceive them and their sacrifices which come as blood laced on the claws of holocaust.
Tell them,
I know when to smile,
If crises be gone and peace reign unto the hoses, tiny as mole of joy on those little children cheek.

Tell them,
The hearing of the city of shoulders walking as foot;
That have forgotten their skin, which was sloughed and collapsed while their lands was cut by your nails;
Forgotten why their fur grew grey, desperately by the dusts and the dumps thrown at you.
I heard ,
Barrel bombs were bowled by helicopters
Indiscriminately slaughtered many a people;
targeted on civilians.
of hospitals and schools too
but, why?

If you see them
Help me tell;
I know how to cry,
when I see burden growing on civilians heads.
You remind me of my sisters abducted by those devilish boko harams….

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The time will arise
When life itself will fleet again and again.
Do not worry,
Do not be sorry,
Thou shall be free,





Jumoke Adesewa Olah

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