Install APK version for beta mobile experience

Just recently, we were ranked 17 out of 50 top literary blogs in Africa. And now we have launched a mobile version of our blog for easy accessibility and navigation.

Benefits of using the Mobile App:

  • Offline reading: You can easily navigate the app to read news even while your data is off, just as long as you have opened the page earlier.
  • One-click accessibility: No need opening your browser and typing links anymore. You can easily open the app and access the contents.
  • No Battery Consumption: The app doesn't weigh on your battery usage as it's so light with less than 200kb
  • Low Data Usage: You only need data to open a page, anything else you do and any amount of time you spend on the app is free. Meaning that by using our app, you are saving 70% of your data.
  • Perfect Mobile Experience: With the app, you can easily access both the desktop and mobile version of the site. Both works effectively and you can switch effortlessly.
  • Responsiveness: Whether your screen is portrait or landscape, mobile or tab, the app fits into your screen resolution,

These and many others are the benefits of using the Mobile App. However, the only downtime is that it only works for android users presently, So if you are an iPhone user, you will need to wait while we upgrade that.

Please download and install the mobile app below: