Jide Badmus Publishes Scriptures, A Book Unraveling The Mysteries of Man’s Origin

Jide Badmus, a prolific Nigerian writer publishes another collection after his debut, There Is A Storm In My Head. SCRIPTURE is a collection of poems that seeks to unravel
the mysteries of man’s origin & demystify self. The book attempts
to build a bridge between spirituality and sensuality.
In one of his recent interviews, the author noted that
Scripture was borne of the unrelenting storm in my head. The question had always been what comes after the storm?
But the storm does not end. There are only periods of calm, interlude… So, I tried to explore the types of storm and what calms them and
discovered that There is a SCRIPTURE for every STORM. Scripture
(the book) tries to establish a link between spirituality and
sensuality. It explores themes like faith, love and lust; man’s
existence revolves around these! The collection seeks to explore the
path to a supreme being and understand self.
Details about the book:
73 Pages
Six chapters
52 poems (including preface & addendum)
Sevhage publishers
Published July 2018
To order Scripture, kindly send an email to [email protected] or contact the author at [email protected]. You can also buy on Okadabooks here: Get Scripture

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