King of Boys: Review by Tanimonure Richard

Just finished watching this great movie and so proud to share the following on it.

1. Please stand up and applaud greatly SOLA SOBOWALE a.k.a. Eniola Salami in the film. Honestly, her comeback to Nollywood via films such as The Wedding Party and this one is surely planting her firmly in our minds again as a very respected actress. Even though she had to act her usual trademark character, but with different flavours of manifestation, she definitely knows how to keep us glued to her and reel with so much rib-crackers. Sola, chop my kiss.

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2. All Street Loves and Naija Hip hop fans, stand up for the guy called REMILEKUN SAFARU a.k.a. Reminisce, one of Naija’s baddest indigenous rappers. This is his first movie role as a rapper, and a major one too, and the guy killed it sweet! Wait a minute! Is he a real underworld mafia to perfectly play that role as if he was delivering his baddest punchlines on a mic? Whatever answer, please let other rappers and streethoppers stand up for this champion who not only made his mark in music, but also in acting too. Remi, never stop please. We want more. Act more and much. And may I say we want to see Olamide, Lil Kesh, Davido and others act too. We want to feel their acting skills aside music. Shout-out also to Illbliss. You gave a wonderful acting too.

3. I commend greatly ADESUA ETOMI, Banky WBanky W‘s beautiful wifey too in the film. Didn’t believe she could spill Yoruba tongue like that effortlessly. Why hasn’t she been acting Yoruba movies? She will definitely make a sweet kill of bucks and fame more in that sector. Honestly, anyone close to her should advise her to try one first and thank me later. I am patiently awaiting her first full length Yoruba movie act.

4. I love the storyline of the movie: A real exposé of the real political power play in Nigeria and the Chief Gangsters controlling other gangsters to control our politics and economy negatively. I also love the DOG EAT DOG game that plays among them and how Karma can turn them as sweet preys of themselves to obtain power and billions by whatever cost.

5. A sad reality from the movie is that THE ALMIGHTY GANGSTERS ruling our country will always get away with their criminal deeds. This is an annoying but very powerless truth that can only bark but not bite. Aare Akin-whatever his surname is, played by an excellent AKIN LEWIS, portrays our almighty politicians at the helm of our governance affairs as an untouchable ‘god’ that can get away with anything and any crime. Nothing can stop them – not even the most dedicated EFCC official or any other crime enforcement authority. By the way, who controls all of them? Who put them into power?

6. No matter how powerful a man is, he cannot be powerful over TIME and TOMORROW. Those two are the law enforcement officers of the great being in heaven called GOD. And both speak one language of punishment over evil doers: SILENCE. Sola Sobowale, thanks for proving this so wonderfully for us. I enjoyed your heart-rending travails of these mentioned duo.

7. How do you trust MEN OF GOD? I love this movie so much for the blatant fact it shoved to our faces that so called PASTORS, BISHOPS, REVERENDS or whatever title they portray as a symbol of God’s authority, can actually be the best friend of satan, dining, wining and grinding with the horned dude to stain and destroy the image and personality of God they represent. Hell no! What’s a man of God doing with criminals in the name of playing very dirty and smelling politics? Or a nauseating community council as portrayed in the film? Is that what God sent them? Or they are selling God too for ‘ghana-must-go’ bags of puking raw cash? And they will climb pulpit on Sunday o. Jesus! What message! From God or Satan? Issokay. Do you trust your so called man of God? Do you know what he is doing behind your back?

8. Will Nigerian politics ever be clean? Can we have true
politicians who will not steal or kill to get posts and embezzle billions? Can our government officials stop corruption too? Rhetorical questions laughing at you and I, and of course Nigeria too.

9. If God has given you your WIFE, why are you then looking for your death in the name of another concubine? JIDE KOSOKO, thanks for teaching our men that it pays to be faithful to one’s wife and family than losing it all in the cruel unfaithful hands of a big-breasted, sweet underlegs death. Thank you again.

10. With all these I have shared, I believe it should stimulate you enough to want to watch the movie if you haven’t. Someone is telling me now that it is an old film I am talking about. Well, new or old, I watched it! I enjoyed it! I AM RECOMMENDING IT!

This is one Nollywood movie you can’t afford not  to watch or have. KEMI ADETIBA, highest thumbs up!
I no like how you dey disgrace your crew members at the end of the film o. Haba now! Abeg, take back the film from the market and cut out those poor hardworking guys joo. Hanhan!



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