Last Words and One Other Poem by Omokhomion Princess

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Last Words
I was never good at farewells.
Maybe because a part of me
Always hoped that at the end, it would turn out well.
If only you knew. If only I could make you see,
How broken I am on the inside.
The amount of tears, from my face I have wiped.
If only I could make you understand.
How hard it is to withstand
Shattering at the thought of you far away
From me, in some obscure land.
I would trade the whole world to make you stay.


You are my source of strength; my pride.
Now that you are leaving, I might as well follow the tide.
Where ever it takes me, I’ll go. Its wish is my command.
Right now, life and all its assets taste bland,
And the colours that once filled the sky have turned grey.
I believe that it is a better place you now stand.
I’ll keep praying, that we meet again, one day.

Dinner With Time
“Merriment! Merriment!! Merriment!!!”
King Augustus did shout.
_His castle was big and filled with thousands of guests,
Who danced and ate and filled their cups with stout.
Oh! How quickly the time flew,
And men retired soon.
King Augustus sat and pondered,
Where all his friends had wandered,_
Leaving him alone and filling his heart with thunder.
”Were they only after his riches?” He wondered.
He was all by himself, with nothing else to listen but the echoes
Of solitude, accompanied with boredom’s heavy blows.
All he relied on were his friends.
Now he knew he needed to make amends.
So the King vowed to himself;
“From this day onward, I learn to enjoy the company of myself”


Omokhomion Princess is a secondary school student and an aspiring litigation lawyer who aims to change the world with her talents. With love and admiration for poetry, she plans to impact the world with her musing works of art. She’s a female with so many colors!

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