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We will be looking at the Latest happening regarding Npower and Nexit Programme.

The N-build Training Program for the Npower Batch C1 has commenced on 31st January 2022. Trainees have been deployed and are expected to report to the various training centres as displayed in the portal. The in-centre training will last for 3 months while the apprenticeship is for 6 months.


On the other hand, the Nexit Scheme for the Exited Npower batches A and B training will commence this February as the deadline set for Shortlisted Nexit applicants to indicate availability for the first batch training elapsed on the 4th of February 2022. However, the Nexit option is still included in the NSIP service code *45665#.

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Note that the Nexit training is in batches, applicants who are not Shortlisted for the first batch training will have a chance to participate in the next batch training.

As regarding to December and January payments for the Npower batch C1 beneficiaries, we are encouraging you to wait patiently. Nasims will update beneficiaries at the appropriate time.

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