Latest Npower News on failed December stipends and Nexit loan

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The management of Npower Nasims has stated that they are aware of the massive failed December payment and those volunteers yet to be paid. To that effect, their teams are working round the clock to get it sorted out, kindly note that all failed December payments will be reinitiated. Be patient and wait for your payment as it will commence soon. Apologies for the inconvenience this delay might have put you through, Nasims said.


Nasims also officially announced the commencement of the next process of shortlisting NPower Batch C2 and all prospective applicants are by this official update enjoined to login to their dashboard under the Verification tab for confirmation and further directives on the first verification stage.

Kindly proceed to any cyber cafe nearest to you and get your fingers captured successfully for the next stage. All other information is made available in your Nasims Profile. To that effect, keep observing your dashboard and email for directives on the next round.

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The Nexit training confirmation exercise for the first batch of exited Npower beneficiaries is still ongoing. If you have not confirmed your training availability, you can still dial *45665# to confirm your availability.

According to the latest report from the minister, the Nexit beneficiaries will enjoy credit facilities from the Central bank of Nigeria after their training.

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For the Npower batch C stream 2 currently undergoing biometrics verification, take note that biometrics is not the final stage in Npower selection. After biometrics, there are 3 other stages involved in becoming a Npower beneficiary. These stages include deployment, physical verification, downloading and uploading of letters, then payment.

All stages are important and need to be taken seriously. Endeavour to do your biometrics fingerprint capturing if you made it to the verification stage. Stay updated via the nasims self-service portal.

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