Let Me Compare A Tortoise To It | Gbenga Emmanuel

Let me compare a tortoise to it.
He who chapbook is entitled to.
What is the chapbook saying?

As old as he lives,
His tales are loitering solemnly,
From generation to generation,
For that child, who will accept it warmly.
Not only of it imagery diction,
Which fog all eyes.
But of the morals it teaches.

He is a philosopher!
He who rejected him drives away wisdom far away.
He is still living for hundred years.
As long as human care for him.
Ignorant child! Though it possess ugly skin.
Play with it,
Harmless is it.

Slowly, it unveils moral of it tales.
Slowly, step by step, you become wiser,
From there, you become scholar.


Gbenga Emmanuel is a student, poet, who writes inspirational poems and stories.
His passion for reading and writing inspired him to be a writer.
He hails from Ondo state in Akure.
He is discipline, humble and hardworking person, who is brought out from the Christianity home of Olajide.



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