List of Fraudulent Investment platforms and Ponzi Schemes collated by Nigerians

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Over the years, a lot of Nigerians have been victims of scams by investment platforms and Ponzi schemes, talk about MMM, Loom etc


However, even with the crashes of these platforms, Nigerians keep losing money to new investment platforms and Ponzi schemes.

In response, Nigerians on Twitter began to list the names of the companies that have allegedly scammed them in the guise of investment and disappeared after Kalu Aja, a financial planner and economic strategy consultant, requested that people share their experiences with Ponzi schemes.

Below are some of the companies listed in the comments section of the tweet:

  • GetHelp
  • MMM
  • Ultimate Cycler
  • Twinkas
  • Tonso Elites
  • MBA Forex
  • Megawill Integrated Global Investment Company
  • B2 Consults
  • Swiss Gold Market
  • Wales Kingdom Capital
  • Quintessential Investment Company
  • Ortseam Evolution Ventures
  • Clickella
  • SAMFX Investment
  • Micheno Ventures
  • Cash Cloud
  • Wealthplus Technologies
  • Eseka Chukwutem Gospel Investment Company (ECG)
  • Luxuriant Wealth
  • Abadini Rice Group
  • Standard Elite Investors
  • Arerben Investment Limited
  • DNG Investment
  • Steady Profitability
  • Ifecco LTD
  • HB4 Universal Company
  • Pennywise
  • Racksterly
  • Flagship Asset Managers
  • Holibiz Finance Limited
  • Bobosco FX
  • Priority Investment Forum
  • Menorah Farms
  • Tellerforex
  • Levitus Trade
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See some of the tweets below:
Is there any fraudulent Investment platform or Ponzi scheme that you know isn’t listed here? Drop them in the comment section.
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