Man bags Degree after 17 years in the University, shares story

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A man has celebrated becoming the latest graduate in town after several years of wait.

In a LinkedIn post, the man identified as T. Terrell “Ian” Parker said he recently acquired his bachelor’s degree in May 2021.

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According to the US army official, he began his university journey in the year 2004 when he had his first lecture.

Rocking his academic gown and flaunting the degree, Terrell expressed excitement at achieving the academic feat despite how long it took.

“It’s never too late for greatness!”

The graduate of Texas Southern University wrote:

“I took my first undergrad class in August 2004

“I finally received my bachelors degree in May 2021

“Took me 17 long years, but I did it.

“I may walk slowly, but never backward.”

“- Abraham Lincoln.”

Congratulatory messages flooded his comment section as people hailed his determination and strong will.

Kelvin Parks said:

“Hey, as long as you did it, that’s super Gr8! Not everyone has the same path to their goals and dreams but with a steadfast mind and heart, they Do It. The best to where it takes you from here.”

Al Butler wrote:

“It’s never too late for greatness!”

Sheila Birt commented:

“Great job.”

Announcing the achievement on Twitter, Angel Earlene disclosed she had to combine her work with her studies whilst being pregnant at the same time.

After years of hard work combined with pre and post-pregnancy periods, she has finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science.

She wrote:

”Today, I walked the stage with you watching me. Your mommy is a 2021 Jackson State University Graduate with a BS in Computer Science. I did this for you, baby girl.”

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