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Mayday Magazine is an online platform for creative writers to express themselves. This is why they have announced new positions. An editorial job offer to welcome more creatives into their fold.


It has been publishing for more than ten years. Their publications often include  literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and works in translation for an international readership.

MAYDAY Magazine is relaunching with a new format and expanded editorial vision.

To help shape the online magazine’s new identity, MAYDAY is expanding and diversifying its editorial staff to include new backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and points of view. Editors at MAYDAY Magazine work remotely and can live anywhere, so long as there’s an internet connection.

They invite applications to be submitted by July 31, 2020 for the following editorial Jobs:

  • Two fiction editors
  • One poetry editor
  • Two nonfiction editors
  • One culture editor
  • One visual art editor

Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction Editors

Applicants for the fiction, poetry, and nonfiction editor positions should showcase a background in reading and writing literary work appropriate to the position.

This may include graduate work in the genre and/or substantial publications and/or editorial or administrative experience and/or other forms of engagement with the literary world. The magazine is interested in applicants whose wide and deep interests in the genre will contribute greatly to the content at MAYDAY Magazine. They seek who would be able to convey their intended message in the best way possible.

The Culture Editor

Mayday hasn’t had a job offer for culture editor before and they want one. As social values, politics, technology, and other aspects of culture change at an ever-accelerating rate, they want to spend more time talking about what those changes mean. The ideal candidate for the culture editor position may or may not have an educational background in cultural studies (or journalism or history or American Studies or another related area), but should demonstrate culture writing online or in print and/or may have editorial or administrative experience at a culture blog or print publication interested in cultural commentary and critique.

This is an exciting new area of focus at MAYDAY, and the company looks forward to collaborating with the ideal candidate to further expand this role.

The Visual Art Editor

MAYDAY Magazine has always been interested in the aesthetics of visual art, and everything that surrounds it. This job

They want to do a better job of addressing those things. The ideal candidate for the visual art editor position must have an academic background in art and/or substantial experience as a practicing visual artist. Such a candidate may also have experience writing about art online or in print, and/or doing editorial or administrative work related to art. This being a new role at MAYDAY Magazine, they look forward to collaborating with the ideal candidate to further define and refine this editor’s projects and duties, which may include exhibit reviews, interviews with artists, artist portfolios and galleries, feedback and guidance on website format and appearance, and others.

Why Should You Apply for this editorial job?

Everyone at MAYDAY Magazine is an unpaid volunteer, and most of them work fewer than five hours per week. We all have day jobs. But you should apply anyway.

The positions you get at Mayday, would actively contribute to the overall editorial vision of a publishing enterprise that is excited to embrace new perspectives, new ideas, and discover new writers and artists.

Candidates early in their careers will build valuable skills and develop their professional networks, and mid-career candidates will enjoy the freedom to reach out to the writers, artists, and thinkers they most admire to solicit work, invite to interviews, and pursue other projects of their own design.

Their publishing schedule is extremely flexible, deadline pressure is minimal, and they have a squadron of helpful and motivated interns at the ready. Everyone on staff loves writing, books, art, and ideas, and they especially look forward to meeting you.


Before you proceed, kindly consider these opportunities below:

How Do I Apply?

Submit a resume or CV that  must include a full list of your publications, important professional works/shows (for the visual art editor), and a cover letter that briefly describes your background, explains your interest in one of the positions, and addresses the following prompts associated with that position:

  • Fiction, Poetry, and Nonfiction Editors:
    • Describe your participation in the literary community. Have you done editing or administrative work at a journal or small press? Which literary journals, magazines, and/or small presses do you admire? Which lit blogs or other online culture spaces do you visit?
    • Describe some books (of any genre) that matter to you. These may be books you’ve read recently or books you read a long time ago. Explain the impact each book had on how you think or what you think matters about literature.
  • Culture Editor:
    • Describe your participation in a community interested in cultural studies or cultural critique, whether academic, professional, or otherwise. Have you done editing or administrative work at a journal, magazine, blog, or similar organization? Which magazines, newspapers, publishers, filmmakers, musicians, blogs, and/or other sources of cultural artifacts do you admire?
    • Describe some cultural texts of any genre or medium (books, documentaries, stand-up comedy, hip-hop albums, television series, etc.) that matter to you. These texts may be recent or not. Explain the impact each text had on how you think or what you think matters about culture.
  • Visual Art Editor:
    • Describe your participation in the art community. Have you done editing for an arts journal, administrative work at a museum or studio, or similar work? Which journals, magazines, and other publications that discuss visual art do you admire? Which art blogs or other online culture spaces do you visit?
    • Describe some examples of visual art that matter to you. Explain the impact each one had on how you think or what you think matters about art.
  • All Positions:MAYDAY Magazine is in a dynamic period of transformation and these new editorial positions will help to shape the magazine’s identity. Describe how you might contribute to this evolving editorial vision.
    • Describe the content you would like to publish.
    • List some writers, artists, or others you might try to solicit.
    • Describe any ideas you may have for editorial features, such as writer or artist portfolios, columns written by regional correspondents, book review series, etc.

Can one apply for Multiple Positions?

Sure. Please submit a separate application for each position.

Final Reminders

  • All positions are unpaid and require five or fewer hours of work per week.
  • All positions are remote and editors can work anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • Applications must be submitted byJuly 31, 2020.
  • Send questions to

Source: creativewritingnews

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