The clock’s ticking
Waiting for no one
My soul’s waning
With no hope for redemption
I’ve gat no one anymore
No friend to turn to
I hear no songs anymore
Just the beat of my dying heart
Thud- Thud- Thud
It’s not as strong anymore
Thud- Thud- Thud
It falters,
Knowing its end is near
Soon I’ll close my eyes

I hear a knock
As faint as it is…I hear
I leap, wondering who it is
A friend?
Or a neighbor
A former lover?
Maybe a stowaway
I dunno
I open
Cold wind embraces me
I search
My heart’s beating wild
I find no one
My mind’s at it again
Haha haha!!
Do not be alarmed,
I’ve been hallucinating for months now

I took a stroll in the garden today
The one we used to play in
It’s now a ‘weeden’
The wind was cold
The air was stale
I was turning blue, growing pale
Our garden no longer has flowers,
just over grown with weeds
The cactuses have grown too
Our orchids have all died
Oh! There’s the cherry tree
Just it’s no longer living
Like everything else,
It’s dead.

Doctors say I have few months to live,
That was a few months ago
Dunno how long I can continue,
Am living a life with an end so close.
I’m writing this dear friend,
To tell you not to miss me .
Let not my letter send you running home
Miss me not at death
For suddenly I feel fine
I feel no more pain
An suddenly I….
And suddenly he died.